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I have created a new page to compile the links to my experiences of the procedures that I have done for those who are interested. The list is ongoing but rest assured, i'm not a plastic surgery addict.  Only seeking to look like a better version of myself and not transform drastically into another person.

**** Disclaimer: I'm just sharing my experiences and is not affiliated with any clinics or surgeon as I pay for the services rendered. If otherwise, I will mention it in my blog ****

Like most bloggers, I am open and willing to share information about what I have gone through.  So, if you have any questions, just leave a comment.  Comments are screened before publishing.

If its relevant, I will reply to it.  However, if you are thinking of bombarding me with random unrelated questions asking about my decisions, any regrets, self-worth related and or to turn around to promote a link to your page, then I would not bother.  Cause, you are wasting my time and nope, I do not wish to give out my personal email address.

Please also take the time to read every post and comments for more information.

Lastly, pictures are mostly taken with  my Samsung Galaxy Note 1 and by myself so although I try to take as clear a photo as I can, it may not turn out as HD as I hope so kindly excuse me, its not my full time job as a blogger and I am not one anyway... I do not see the point in hiring a photographer to tag along or edit my photos.  That's as raw as you can get.  Only difference possibly due to lighting in environment and if not photo filters in Instagram.  Photos from other sources will be credited.

With effect from 13.12.15, photos are taken with Sony Xperia Z5.


Bare in mind before pursuing aesthetic treatments/surgery.........

There is no one in this world that has 100% perfect symmetrical structure of face or body.



Liposuction in Medan, Dr Arthur Tjandra

1) Abdomen - somewhere in the middle of the blog at May (2012)
     a)  Post-Op (1yr 10mths) Update (Final)

2) Arms / Jowls & Double Chin (2013)
     a) Day 1 , Day 2  , Day 3 , Day 4 , Day 5
     b) Post Op 1 Week2 Week , 18 Days (jowls only)
     c) Post Op 6 Weeks (i) & (ii)
     d) Post Op 15 Weeks
     e) Post Op 5 Months6 Months
     f) Random update

3) Thighs
     a) Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 3 , Day 4 , Day 5
     b) Post Op 1 month
     c) Post Op 3 month
     d) Post Op 6 month

Surgery in Korea (postpone indefinitely)

1) Ptosis correction, Epicanthoplasty, Double Eyelid (Incisional)
2) Rhinoplasty



1) Eyebrow Embroidery @ Prestige (1) (2) (3)

2) Mole Removal & Botox (Jaw Slimming) @ Astique (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (recent update)

3) Botox V-Lift @ Freia Medical , 2nd Session of Botox V-Lift

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