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Lonerism the disease in which affects a persons mental well-being. It is a disease in which, where people get so attached to a computer or any other electronic device that they just give up on a having a social...

I enjoyed being at home, in solitary retreat, at the comfort of my room, with the door and window closed shut. Oblivious to whatever is going on outside with the only exceptions; roaring of the air-conditioner which I am totally at eased with and my laptop.

Neither do I have many friends or rather I dislike making them. Tried to change by making a handful only to have given up 5years later as I feel the attention was not reciprocal (maybe a bit possessive? who knows). Does not hurt at all, really. In fact, I am doing just fine being at home, in my room.

Once in a while, I would head out for a meal, a cup of coffee or a movie (in a damn long while by myself) but I feel, sooner of later I would dread it as I am starting to show signs of uncontrollable mood fluctuation and symptoms of agoraphobia.  To be honest, I am not bothered by it. I am 'anti-social' by nature and I am not exactly the friendly type but I can still lived with it.  I just enjoy living in solitude.

As a matter of fact, despite the slight uneasiness of being in public, I like to travel (if i have the means). Not too bad i guess! Perhaps, I have not seen the worst of my lonerism as yet.

I am also much vocal online than in person  which perhaps is why I am having various social media platforms as an outlet to keep in touch with people.  You probably will not see me this active in person.

*takes a deep breath* I am also a 100% Taurian combined with Jekyll & Hyde personality who is also a honest, used to be avid blood donor (currently: 25 packet) and most of the time an apathetic individual loving classical rock music.  I like nature and cooking randomly in the kitchen too.

So, there you have it; ME~