Monday, 19 June 2017

still surviving...

am still surviving in reality.

nothing much changed.

the holiday inn resort trip for bday was great with the exception that i really had a bad nightmare on the first night (first time ever in holiday inn actually) and actually requested for a room change the next morning at 8am ish i think.

the customer service was great! they allowed me a room change at no extra cost.

also, a birthday cake was actually sent to my room on my birthday itself! how sweet... had to trouble the guy thou, because of the room change, i think he went to my previous room first. =X

everything is perfect actually, except that minor hiccup in the beginning...

coming next mth, in mid july, i'm gg batam again but this time with my aunts and mum to another resort we went together before. to celebrate my aunt's bday.

everything is booked and i even threw in a surprise bday cake for my aunt as well. hahah. excited for this trip actually.

but knowing sharing the room with aunts and mum, this time round i will bring my ear plugs.  i had trouble sleeping back then when we went together in the previous trip....

etsy shop.

sales is quite constant at about 2 per month.  in may, there was 3.  gratefully for every order be it small (2m ribbons) or big (180 stickers).  i mean, really grateful coz among the millions of sellers out there, they decide to get their stuff from mine.

how not to be grateful for this?

already had 2 orders for june... *cross fingers for more*

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