Monday, 25 May 2015

Renewing IC @ 30yrs.... well... i was late...

Citizens of a country are identified by the identity card (IC) they hold be it Residents or Permanent Residents (PR) as well.  All lawful residents residing in Singapore are required to register for their first IC when they are 15yrs of age.

My first IC however, was registered and issued back in 1996 when I was about 12yrs old.  It was done through the school I was studying in I think.  Could not really remember the details of the application but looking at my IC photo, I will always remember that day when the picture was taken.

Back in 1996, before the upgrade of the now food & fresh market at Pine Close.  There was a row of old shop houses behind it.  It was taken at a traditional photo studio.  My dad brought me there to have my picture taken.  Why do I remember so clearly?
That's because while I was sitting upright and waiting for the uncle to take my picture, my dad was observing by the camera and just before the uncle snaps the photo, my dad came in and uses his comb to comb my fringe.  As it ends up, instead of having neat fringe, it became messy as per the picture shown above.


I do remember complaining do my dad after it but I submitted this photo anyway.  Come on, I was just about 12yrs of age.  Did not think or read too much about it.

Fast forward 18yrs later...
I cannot remember since when... maybe shortly after I turned 30 in 2014, I received a notification by post from Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to renew my IC photo.  I refused to and just chucked the letter aside.

Few months later, another notice came and recently in March 2015, another one.  So in all, I had 3 letters of the same thing and yet I refused to renew.  In my mind, I was refusing to accept that 'I AM 30YRS OLD!' and is thinking of delaying it till possibly the last week before I turn 31yrs. HAHAHAH!

::: All eligible registrants have to re-register their IC in accordance with Regulation 14(1)(b) of  the National Registration Regulations :::

Now, 15/04/15, my 31st birthday is fast approaching.  It's pretty scary thinking back cause it felt just like yesterday when I first received the letter of notification. I then decided not to wait till the last week before I actually do something about it for fear that something might just crop up at the last minute.  Did not want to risk breaking the law or whatever that I maybe liable to.

:::Under offence: Any person who fails to comply shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2years or to a fine not exceeding $3,000 or to both:::

I definitely want to look better in my new IC photo like come on man! Its going to be with me for life now.  I do not want to appear messy in my new photo and as a grown up woman, I have a certain standard on what to look like in official documents like the IC / Passport.  So, I listed out what I have to do to appear 'decent' by 2nd May.
1. Eyebrows
2. Clear skin
3. Tone jawline
4. Neat hair
5. Light makeup to conceal pimple scarring

❤Eyebrows - CHECKED❤
I last did my eyebrow embroidery back in 04/03/14 with Prestige.  The colour is still there after 1yr 1mth.  Pretty lasting, even my mum thinks it still looks ok and so I need not utilise my last session with them as yet.
❤Clear Skin - CHECKED❤
Couple of months ago.  I started having consistent breakouts on certain areas on my forehead and right cheek.  Had scarrings here and there as it kept on reocuuring.  Since then, I had signed up for a facial package with Healing Touch and have been going facials frequently every 2 to 3 weeks initially.  Also increased intakes on fruits that are high in anti-oxidants like strawberries & blueberries, change the way I wash my face and putting on paper mask like every 3 days to keep face hydrated.  Condition sort of improved with no obvious pimples but slight scarring, uneven skin texture here and there which could be covered by makeup on the actual day.
So a day before I schedule the next session of Botox, I booked myself another facial appointment with Healing Touch.  Just to maintain it.

❤Tone Jawline - CHECKED❤
Back in 30/01/15, I did a session of Botox V-Lift with Freia Medical.  I liked how tone and smooth the jawline that was resulted from the treatment and so, I scheduled a review with the doctor about 1 week before I took the photos on 25/04/15.  Proceeded with a 2nd session of Botox V-Lift to prolong the current results.  Did not do fillers in the end due to the cost.

❤Neat hair - CHECKED❤
A few days later after the Botox session, I went for a hair cut at Chez Vous Hair.  The last time I had a hair cut/trim was back in July 2014 during the heat wave where I chopped off the long gone perm I last did in end of Nov 2013.  For the past 9mths or so all I did was hair treatments. 
My mum is the most please with the hair cut decision because she has been frowning at my indifference towards my un-maintained hairstyle.  No shape, no volume, no nothing.  End of the day, I got myself hair cut, cold perm and colour highlights.

❤Light Make Up- CHECKED❤
If you have been following my blog/dayre, you would have known that unlike most ladies out there, I am pretty much bo chup (indifferent) in my image management.  Except my desire (often met with procrastination) to be in shape and having a tone/jawline.  I have a strict guideline in choosing what to wear and I do not apply make up.

Not because I am lazy but more of I do not know how to apply it properly (ok, fine i'm lazy to learn) and I refuse to spend so much money/time on make up.  The last time in memory when I applied make up was probably back in say mid 2005 when I was still in poly.  It lasted for a week only thou.


On the day of photo taking, I brought my aunt's concealer with me.  After wash & blow dry my hair at the salon, I dap the concealer over the pimpled areas in the toilet.  Initially, I thought of approaching a makeup booth in the mall and requested for a very light make up but I scrapped the idea.  I proceeded to take my photos after I'm done.
Was not really satisfied with the photo.  The hair was not what I had in mind as it did not show the perm I gotten a few weeks earlier.  Also, the tone jawline failed to be captured on the photo which is strange because all other photos I taken, you could visibly see the tone V shape.  Perhaps it was due to the angle the photo is taken by the photographer.

*SIGH!* All the preparation for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FML!!!!!!! But I made do with it after all its not often my IC is used for anything and I am almost running out of time.

:::Do not wear white if you intend to take IC photos, I was told so and ended up having to buy a colour tee and wear it instead:::

On 10th May 2015, I submitted my application by emailing the documents to ICA.  Shortly after, I received an email stating I have to register through the form online. and not just emailing them the documents.

Panic now because I am leaving town the next day to Indonesia and will not be in for the whole week.  I tried registering online in Indonesia but the connection was quite unstable and I failed to submit on time.  By time I got back and was ready to try again, it was already past my 31st birthday by a few hours.

Online registration portal was closed! So, I made a trip down to ICA the next morning at 8am and register at the counter.  Thankfully, the officer give me an allowance and allow the staff to process for me.  I did not have to pay any fine which I would have negotiated monthly instalments because I was broke from the liposuction trip.

Yes, I would pay if I was told to because it was my fault that I drag it for too long.  This allowance is probably on a case by case basis, so perhaps I was really lucky to be excluded from the fine.  For the renewal of IC, there will be a fee of S$10.00.

Did not want to take the day off to collect the new IC so I waited till 23rd, the following Sat to collect personally.  Looking at the new IC, no idea why I broke into a smile, feeling somewhat emotional.  Perhaps I was just proud of being a true-blue (pink I/C holder) Singaporean.

Closely scrutinizing the IC.  It looks very new/shiny/glossy compared to the old IC. It has additional details of my Chinese name while the rest of the information remains the same.  The main photo is much smaller than the past with additional tiny photo at the bottom. 
The photo does not seem too bad at the end of the day (its neat compared to my old one) but seriously what's the point of coloured photo when it will still end up as black & white?  My brows ended up looking like half-shaved!

You know the movie 'Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame'? Carina Lau played the character of Empress Wu Zetian?  My brows reminded me of hers thou much thinner.
My aunt was saying, imagine if I did not do eyebrow embroidery, the whole area will be in white colour. HAHAH. WTH....

Lastly, the difference between the new and old IC is there is a figure of a merlion head embossed on the front which is noticeable when you tilt the IC at an angle.  This new IC is so new that I did not want to put it in my wallet.  The old one is still with me. HAHAH!
So people, all in all....

Please do re-register for your new IC as soon as you received the notification.  You have a time frame of 1 year (latest) before your 31st birthday to do so online.  Failing which you would have to personally make a trip down to ICA to renew because the online portal will be closed.  Please also note that failing to update your IC when required may subject yourself to a fine or imprisonment charge.
For more info:

1. Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) - IC Services
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3. Re-registration at 30yrs old
4. FAQs
5. National Registration Regulations


  1. I am now facing the same exact situation. Were you questioned as to why you were late for the re-registration?

    1. Hi!

      I think i was asked the reason but because i was only 1 day late MAYBE that's why they waived it off (close 1 eye).... Don't put it off too late thou...