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Rain's Kitchen: Burbur Pulut Hitam (黑糯米 / Black Glutinous Rice Pudding / Porridge)

Over the weekends, I attempted another recipe on one of my favourite desserts.  No idea what had come over me with the various recent local dessert attempts.  Although this dessert is commonly seen and sold at dessert stalls in food courts/centres/restaurants, sources online had indicated that this Pulut Hitam is an Indonesian and Malaysian sweet dessert. 
failed attempt at spiderweb design resulting in a blob of mess...
Given the many names it has depending on the region it is found, the most commonly known name in Singapore would be Pulut Hitam (in Malay), 黑糯米 (hei nuo mi in Chinese) or among westerners it is sometimes described as black glutinous rice pudding/porridge.  Well, it is not wrong to say that cause it is essentially made from black glutinous rice which are boiled until soft with sugar and served hot/warm with a spoonful of coconut milk.
This dessert can be enjoyed at anytime of the day but for us Chinese, desserts are usually served as an after meal snack in small portions.  Bare in mind that this is in fact made from a type of rice and glutinous rice itself is very starchy and heavy, one should have this dessert in moderation.
Being me, I would prefer to have it slightly chilled with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream instead of adding the coconut milk.  With that said, recipes can be easily found online for this dessert since the ingredients and methods are more or less about the same.  So lets get started.
(serves 4-6person) 
1cup black glutinous rice
150g gula melaka (palm sugar)
6-8 cups water (or more depend on preference on consistency)
4 pandan leaves
serve with:
some coconut milk
vanilla ice cream (optional)
1. Could not sleep the night before so I decided to wash the rice and let it soak overnight.  Washed the rice 3 times like I would with normal rice.
cover with a saucepan lid so nothing gets inside while I sleep.
2.  By time I woke up the next morning, it has been soaked for about 9hrs. 

3.  Gula Melaka a.k.a. palm sugar usually comes in this cylinder block form.  If you could, get it in powder form.  It makes it easier to dissolve later.  If not, you have to...
Work it out with a cleaver.... Do what you want; chop into cubes or smaller pieces.  I actually slice it like I would slicing other vegetables just that it is very thin....
like this.... as it gets smaller, it is easier to work with.  Set it aside in a bowl.

4.  Wash the rice thoroughly.  I washed it another 3 times.  Do it lowly at the sink if not it splatters everywhere.  As it was colored, it was very obvious.  Also, tie the pandan leaves into a knot.

5. In a large pot, boil the rice with 3 cups of water over high heat.  When it starts to bubble, lower the heat and add pandan leaves and another 2 cups of water. 

6. Let it simmer for about 1.5hrs over low heat and remember to stir every 5mins or so to prevent the rice from sticking and burning at the bottom.
it starts to thicken at about the 1hr mark...
7. Remove pandan leaves.  Add 1 more cup of water (6th) and 1/2 cup of sugar first.  Stir and let it simmer for another 10mins. It appears a bit too thick before the 2hr mark so I added another 1/2cup of water (6.5th) and the remaining amount of sugar to adjust the taste.
8. I turned off the heat at about 1hr 40min mark and let it sit in the pot to cook using the heat within.  At 2hrs, I think the consistency its a bit thick.  So I added another 1/2 cup (7th) and turn on the heat to cook another 10mins.

and its done......

9. Leave it to cool down slightly before serving it in individual bowls with a spoonful of coconut milk and/or vanilla ice cream.  I ran out of ice cream so I had it with coconut milk.
 ❤DONE~! and the pic spam begins
(taken with my galaxy note 1: no filter with just natural lighting) 
 then I tried playing with the lightings in my galaxy note 1. 
back to normal lighting....
When chilled, it becomes watery and diluted.  The white bits are from the coconut milk...
After (updated):
My aunt says it was very nice when she first tasted it but subsequently gave me only 3 out of 5 stars. -.-  Although the rice is long cooked and soft, she thinks it would be better if the rice is even softer.  So I added another 1 cup of water (8th) and turn on the heat and cooked it another 15mins.  Hopefully it is soft enough for her later. 

My older aunt gave it a 3.5 out of 5 because by time she ate it at night, she thinks the rice is too soft... =.= right, my younger aunt should be happy since I cooked it further to suit her taste and now its too soft for my older aunt... so hard to please... she also thinks the healthier coconut (i used a healthier alternative) is not fragrant enough. *shakes head* I am worried for their health ok since they are much older than me, so I always try to find a healthier version of ingredient to replace traditional ones. How ungrateful of her... hahahah~

Taste wise it is not very sweet and it feels just nice.  Sweetness and thickness consistency is up to own preference, so give it a try.
Updated at 11.45pm....
Found the remaining of the vanilla ice-cream in the freezer.  Only had 1 dessertspoon amount left thou.  Had it with it instead of coconut milk.  The dessert is at room temperature already, all the better. Eheheheheh! 


Updated on 17.08.14
Had this packet of traditional beancurd in the fridge along with the pulut hitam from yesterday and so I added some to the beancurd.  Cold dessert at this best.  However, since there was no sugar syrup for the beancurd and the pulut hitam was also not very sweet so on the whole it tasted bland and I added some organic raw honey to eat with it.

Hope you enjoyed it! 

Info reference from Wikipedia.

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