Thursday, 23 March 2017

Luca-S Cross-Stitch Kit: The Sakura

Bought this kit from Sew and So back in about July 2016, along with my DMC floss storage box. Both items were mailed out on that day of order and it came about 1 or 2 weeks later in good condition.  Very pleased with Sew and So and have been repeated customer since.

Recently just purchased 16ct Aida, 6" embroidery hoop and 3 boxes of storage box from them! 

Back to this.

Did not start on it until end Dec as I had 6 other projects in rotation and was focusing on completing The Scream and Gorjuss Kit.  Anyway, its done for now.  No idea if i'm going to frame this up or not.
Brand: Luca-S
Title: The Sakura
Arrive from UK: 13.07.16
Date Start: 28.12.16
Date Completed:

After thoughts:
It was a rather easy chart to follow.  Charts are printed in A3 size and the symbols are very clear to read.  There were more than enough threads given in this kit.  The only fault I have is the outline (back-stitch) for the dark brown among the Sakura flowers.
Left over floss
Depending on the thickness in the chart, it could be either using 1 strand or 2 strands for the back-stitch.  However, it was not very clear in some areas so I had to refer to the cover photo but at times the back-stitch on chart doesn't match up with the photo.  It can be confusing so I just stitch with my gut instincts on this.

I don't think there is a big difference from it so didn't affect me much. Apparently there are other series to this like the lemon tree, orange tree etc. Thinking if I want to complete the entire set. HAHA!

Now that I am done with this, its time to focus on my Sistine Chapel / Bibliodame / happily ever after SAL / Mona Lisa / or maybe start a brand new kit belladonna/gorjuss or maybe test out my other new chart I made...

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Decide to shift all my etsy shop related post to a new blog i created.

RainsCraftyBits: Full of Hearts Cross-stitch Pattern (PDF download only)

Couple of days ago, I published a new cross-stitch pattern on my Etsy Shop.

CSD#1: Full of Hearts

With French Knots
Without French Knots

The initial design was to incorporate my national flag but as it turns out, using my state flag for any form of sale is not allowed unless I have permission.  Did not want to waste my time on sending in an application and so it was replaced with hearts, many many hearts.  I also like french knots and so I included some to fill up the empty areas.

This pattern is only in 2 main colors: red and white (which makes up the state's flag colors).  The 3rd color black is for back-stitching which depending on individual is optional.

Actually I was in doubt of doing the back-stitching with black as halfway through, I realized it dulls the entire design.  Its a love hate thing to be honest as now, the individual hearts are more apparent.

I guess depending on individual preference, one can switch colors to suit their taste.  Creativity is limitless.

Pattern details:
Completed stitched area (WxH) approx: 10.8cm x 9.7cm (4.2" x 3.8")
Fabric: 18ct Aida
Number of colors: 3
Number of stitches: 3,615
Number of knots: 26

WIP pictures:

Pattern is now on my shop: RainsCraftyBits at S$5.88.  There will 3 PDF files available for download after when payment is made.

You will receive: 1 PDF chart information, 1 PDF chart with colored symbols and a floss chart (indicating symbols to DMC colors needed, estimated floss usage etc)  and 1 PDF chart with black and white symbols (w/o floss chart)