Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Microsoft Excel "SUM" Formula Not Tabulating??? 0 value???

Just encountered this problem at work!
Wanted to do a simple calculation to add up the values and I used the normal "sum" formula.


But instead of a total figure I was expecting, I got a 0 value.

I did a search online and the answer was the cells in the table could be stored as text instead of numbers.  Since the original source file was done by a staff from my overseas office, I have no idea what she did.  So for some unknown reason, the formula did not work as intended.

Here's what I did:

1) Notice the green triangles at the corner of the cells?  Its actually trying to tell you something about those cells.  What I did was to highlight the entire cells with the numbers and click on that "!" and select "Convert to Number".

2)  The formula then worked at this point.

Thought I should blog about it for my future reference and to share with everyone.  If you encounter this problem as well, why not give this a shot.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Crafting: Needle Minders/Fridge Magnets (wooden buttons)

Scouring the internet on how to make needle minders.  As it turns out you only need a button, strong glue and a pair of magnets and that is only one of the ways you can make it.  There are other also other forms like glass cabochons, charms and other material buttons etc.

The following is a very easy and basic way of making needle minders for cross-stitchers/needlework crafters.

What you need:
Wooden buttons of your choice
Tooth picks
E6000 glue (super strong glue)
N35 rare earth magnets (or any other strong magnets)
5mm Rhinestones (optional)

How to do it:
1. From experience, I suggest getting a smaller tube of glue so that its easier to navigate.  To prevent excess glue wastage, gently and slowly press on the tube and using the tooth pick, take a small amount and place it where ever you wish to decorate with rhinestones.

(if no rhinestones are used then just skip this step and move on to Step 3)

2.  Using tweezers, pick up the rhinestones and gently placed it over the glue. Press down gently to secure it.  Let it sit for awhile waiting for the glue to set.

3.  The magnets I got are N35 rare earth magnets.  They are disk shaped and at 14mm (diameter) X 1.5mm (thickness).  I think its quite a good size for the button I am using.

the magnets may crack/snap when conjoined suddenly together, exercise caution when handling the magnets.  to remove the magnets *picture below* for use, just slid the magnets over using your thumb and index finger with a little strength

Squeeze a small amount of glue at the back surface and place the magnet over it.  Press it down to secure it in place.  Let it sit and wait for the glue to set.

*from experience: keep the button leveled as the magnets may shift while the glue is still wet.  It happened for mine since I had the rhinestones in the front.  Or maybe, next time i should try fixing on the magnet first then the rhinestones?

4.  Any adjustments should be done within 5mins of applying over the glue as it will start to set. Let it sit for at least a few hours.  The recommended time on the glue packaging was 24hrs-72hr for maximum strength bond.  For fridge magnets, the end product can be used just like that.

For needle minders, place this on the fabric you are working on and at the back of the fabric, attached another piece of the magnet to secure it.  Pretty easy isn't it?

1. Do this project in a well ventilated area due to the use of strong adhesive glue.
2. If fingers come in contact with the glue, remove/wash it off thoroughly and promptly.
3. Keep separate tweezers for craft.  Since it comes in contact with glue, i don't think its wise to use it for body care.
4. Most items needed can be bought from Art Friends at Bras Basah Complex (where I got the glue (S$9.50 - there is a much smaller tube below S$5.00) and rhinestones (S$4.90/pkt) from). I am not sure about the magnets thou. I bought my from a Etsy shop located in China.
5. Completed needle minders can be purchased from my Etsy shop if you are interested. Shipping charges varies.

Monday, 19 December 2016

The Scream Cross-Stitch Project (completed)

The Scream, a painting by Edvard Munch, is one of my favorite paintings.  Why?  I have no idea myself.  When I first saw the painting, I was drawn to it.  When I learn of the interpretation of the painting then I realized that it probably resonated with me to a certain extent and that's why I was drawn to it.

After I was done with "The Last Supper" cross-stitch (2013), I began "Mona Lisa" (both from Leonardo Da Vinci - my idol).  It was mid-way through "Mona Lisa" that I decide to collect and do all the cross-stitch of my favorite paintings in the world (currently mona lisa is yet to be completed).

That's when I look for "The Scream" cross-stitch chart on Etsy.  I came across this seller TheArtofCrossStitch located in Malaysia which sells the kit and I decided to get it (after some unpleasant work experience at that point of time).

Shop Name: TheArtofCrossStitch
Shop Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cost: USD51.98
Purchase date: 01/04/16
Arrived date: 12/04/16
Start date: 17/04/16
End date: 17/12/16

Kit Contents - Chose large+color symbol format
I bind it into a book so I don't have to deal with loose sheets
Progress Pictures (page by page)


Filter from Instagram
Overall, the charts are very easy to read and it is pleasant to stitch.

However, the color symbols are actually not very helpful.  I was expecting colored symbols meaning the symbol of the actual color but when I saw it, its mainly black,  red, blue and green.  In future, perhaps to save cost I would just get the normal black symbol.

The instructions are very detailed and its worth a read before the start.  The fabric given was more than enough to account for framing etc but approaching the end of project, I actually ran out of quite a few of the colors.  Thankfully, I have my own stash of DMC floss so it was not a problem.  I just refer to the number on the floss card to find out the number.  If it is only few stitches, I actually replace it with a similar nearby color.

Also, the grid lines are not distinct.  Stitchers are probably accustomed to the 10X10 grid but the lines in the column and rows for this kit are of the same thickness, I could not tell the 10X10 grid.  This takes a bit of time to get use to but for me, IT WAS NOT AN ISSUE because my style is cross-country stitching and color by color in a page. Just be careful while counting the stitches and it should be fine la.... LOL!*

*maybe you can clarify with the seller on this issue if you are intending to get this kit

Lastly, there was a minor chart error on 1 of the pages of the last row whereby there were 3 missing symbols.  This I did not worry, I just stitch with 1 of the colors that is around the missing area. Already informed the maker of this kit and I assume they will rectify it for those who purchase it in future.