Friday, 3 July 2015

Nothing much

well... last week i mention i would be making 3 dishes in the kitchen...

i ended up doing only one as laziness caught up with me...

it was relatively successful... imho...

snippets from that day... this recipe was previously uploaded...

difference was probably taking the extra effort this time round to make the tapioca jellies in squares...

younger aunt thinks it is a bit too diluted and not very sweet but i think its pretty ok....

purposely made it less thick and not too sweet for health reasons... duh~

done on saturday but finished on wednesday night... it became quite thick after chilling in the fridge for long hours.... if you decide to eat it cold, its ok but take note that the tapioca jellies will be quite hard to chew on....

my older aunt prefers to heat her portion up so that the jellies are soft enough to chew... personal preference la dey~

what's on this week?


i am attempting 2 ingredient ice cream for the 2nd time.  i failed miserably 2 days ago resulting in waste of ingredients.

no idea what got over me not to look at the recipe again before attempting... dumb ass me...

hope it works then i can customized my own ice-cream in future... the flavours to attempt seriously is unlimited... already found cookie dough recipe online which was one of my favourite ice cream flavour...

but no... not making that flavour...

decide to try on oreos first to get the hang of things before attempting a more tedious flavour...

that aside...

post surgery recovery updates pretty much the same for now.  previously i mention waiting for 3months before starting exercising but i had enough of sitting around the house all day so i decided that come 6th july which will exactly be week 8 since surgery, i'll start to go for a walk and slowly built up speed to jog as well...

already starting to feel fat again thou weight this morning was at 68.7kg.


this round closing accounts in office does not seem that bad.  in time for flash and final results is next tuesday.  left to deal with 2 companies only so bring it on man.

k... got to deal with some banking matter... bye for now...

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Blood Bank Notice: Low in A- & O+ as of 1st July 2015

taken from Singapore Red Cross Facebook
"From HSA website:
Blood goes to those having medical emergencies such as accident survivors; individuals undergoing major surgeries such as organ transplants; patients with cancers and blood disorders like leukaemia and lymphomas or severe anaemia; and even new-borns with medical conditions."
There were many conditions to fulfill for each successful donation.  If you are interested, kindly refer to their website here for donor criteria and here for when not to donate


To donate, simply head down to :

1) Bloodbank @ HSA

Health Sciences Authority
(Opposite Outram Park MRT Station)
11 Outram Road
Singapore 169078
Tel (registration counter): 6213-0626
Post Donation call back line (24hrs): 1800-226-3320
Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park

Opening hours:
Tue-Thurs: 9am - 6.30pm
Fri: 9am - 8pm
Sat: 9am - 4.30pm
Sun: 9am - 2pm
Mon & Public Holiday closed

2) Bloodbank @ Woodlands

Woodlands Civic Centre
(Opposite Causeway Point)
900 South Woodlands Drive
#05-07 Singapore 730900
Tel (registration counter): 6766-0576
Post Donation call back line (24hrs): 1800-226-3320
Nearest MRT Station: Woodlands

Opening hours:
Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri: 12pm - 8pm
Sat, Sun: 10am - 5pm
Tue & Public Holiday closed

3) Bloodbank @ Dhoby Ghaut

Dhoby Xchange (Near Exit B)
11 Orchard Road
Singapore 238826
Tel (registration counter): 6333-5532
Post Donation call back line (24hrs): 1800-226-3320
Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut

Opening hours:
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 12pm - 8pm
Sat, Sun: 10am - 5pm
Thurs & Public Holidays closed

4) Bloodbank @ Westgate Tower

1 Gateway Drive #10-01 to 05
Westgate Tower
Singapore 608531
Tel (registration counter): 6710-7548
Post Donation call back line (24hrs): 1800-226-3320
Nearest MRT Station: Jurong East

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 12pm - 8pm
Sat, Sun: 10am - 5pm
Public Holidays closed

5) Mobile blood drive


what can be more appropriate to gift other than the gift of life.  share your gift of life today.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What say you?

Is it acceptable to be sharing religious related material at the work place?

I think its fine if you do it behind closed doors and among people sharing the same religion.

However, recently, there is open sharing of materials in my office, not behind closed doors.  Not once but twice I was asked if I would like to join in the video sharing session.

They played the video openly in the meeting room with the door left open on all occasions (during lunch time).  Once because boss was on leave and so were 2 other colleagues they literally blast the video.  I got very annoyed and left office longer during lunch because I have no wish to listen to what the video is about.  Even if it is during lunch, there are other staffs in office so does it not make sense to be discreet about it?

I mentioned a lot of times over in Dayre how offended I was each time this happened.  I might have complained it before here, I don't remember when thou but to avoid stirring up any anti-sentiments I would not reveal the religion in question directly but its easy to guess which I am referring to towards the end.

To me, there is a higher and powerful being (God) above us.  It is not exclusively belonging to any religion but all religions as a whole, they refer to the same powerful being.

That's why I respect all religions.  Be it Catholic, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism etc.  I am a free thinker since birth and I am still now.  I refuse to get involve in which ever religion deeply and remain free thinker because there will be a group of devotees who will manipulate and twist the teachings to their own interpretation/thinking/ideology (eg. ISIS).

There are plenty of other reasons why I do not attached myself to any religion (studied in Catholic sch for 10 yrs, my family circle is Buddhist mainly except my mum and younger aunt whose a Christian) which i will not go in detail because it is a rather sensitive topic and I may get into trouble with the law.

Despite respecting all religions, it does not mean I am open to people sharing their religion to me.  During my course of 31 yrs, I have pushy believers of just one particular religion in question pushing me to either read a part of their religious text, sharing to me why their God is so great or asking me to watch some videos in their way of living.

While I got away on some occasions by politely turning the invitation down, there were couple of times I was forced to read and entertain them often resulting in a very 'black face mood'.

I have read of people's accounts who had similar situations like me and ended up being condemn by that preacher of that religion to hell for not believing in their God.  There is also that one particular preacher who condemns LGBT and stir up that wear white movement.

By now, you should have guess what religion I am talking about.

In my point of view, no matter what religion you believe in, love, acceptance and respect for one another despite differences in sexuality or religion is important.  Most religions I know fundamentally preaches love, acceptance, respect and gratitude anyway so why are there those who go against it?

To be honest with all, I pray when I am in fear/distress (its a habit I dunno why, maybe cause I was use to it since I grew up in catholic school) and I also attended church a couple of times to please my mum (as a sit in listener) but I did not return again since.

Why? Because in 1 particular session, that pastor/priest (can't tell the difference till now but that doesn't matter anyway) was mocking Taoism.  I remember that very clearly and was left disgusted.  That went against my belief of respecting other religions and I firmly belief despite the differences in religion, you should not be mocking practices of other religion, especially when you are one of the leaders of that particular church.

Maybe its just that church or that person that has that problem.  I don't know but I have no time for those bull shit.

Perhaps my view will change in the future, who knows but for now, I am fine being a free thinker.  I just hope the laws of the universe will in my favor and spare myself being agitated by avoiding those who actively try to get me involve.

To my colleague: If you are reading this, its OK if you still share videos, I am not against it because that's your freedom to, I have no control over it but kindly refrain asking me to join in future if you do and also to close the meeting room door.  I would appreciate that.

end of rant.