Wednesday, 14 September 2016


my shop logo ordered on etsy with a seller is finally done up... she will be sending me the files later after she finishes it up... this is exciting ok...

erm... ya... shit just got real....

my packaging items like bubble wrap mailers, fold-able gift boxes, stickers have arrived also... might just be finally launching the etsy soon enough...

i will do it right?

after spending $100s... =.=

damn scared this 3min fever crap of mine....

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


after reading Qiu's latest post on her response to an ex-fren of hers view on the current lawsuit....

i think its very obvious now the estrange relationship between the blogger friends Qiu used to be close is partially because of this lawsuit....

clearly, they took a stand with the so called agency they are bound with...

i think we all know that the blogging world is as dark as the entertainment industry. with money as a catalyst that is. not as woah and glamorous like what it was portrayed.

guess i'm not cut out for such backstabbing and superficial industry and it was a wise decision to close both accounts with cc/nn.

not that i gain anything during my time with them... unless you have some fame, you won't anyway....

p.s. and also dayre... i deleted everything there... apparently there's no delete account button so its left hanging there...

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Into the last quarter or 2016

31st of Aug today.

How fast.

Since few days back, there was a 40% discount off charts at HAED, being Labour Day sale till 05/09/16 (United States).  I resisted buying any because i'm no where near done with my bibliodame.  It is currently on hold now as i'm doing 'The Scream'.

List of to-buys include: (minis if possible because too huge)
1) Sistine Chapel
2) Mini Hope + Mini Despair from Rebecca Sinz
3) All the mini book shelf series from Aimee Stewart (treasure hunt, a stitch in time, world travel, wine, secret garden etc)
4) Mini Sister Moon from Aimee Stewart

I do not have enough hands to do so much. Thou its stored in pdf and it does not take up space in real life.  Too many designs in the world seriously, not enough time in my lifetime.

Recently started on one of the GorJuss kit I bought.  This kit is reserved to be done in office on days when I have nothing on.  So officially, I have 4 work-in-progress going on which is a little too much for me.  In the past, its always 1 project at a time and I never did more than that. HAHA.

Waiting for exchange rates to be in for month end closing and straight after, its budget 2017 which is due on 15th September.  Doubt I will have time for GorJuss till after that.

Shall update separately since I have the time to spare...

GorJuss: Winter Friend
as of 31.08.16
4 colors are done.  Quite like how it is progressing.  Went commando style with this which means no hoops/frames.  Feels quite weird to be honest. I cannot recall the time where I stitch without support.

Bibliodame (HAED)
as of 31.08.16
Done with page 4 out of 121. Less kreinik because its a pain in the ass. 17,384 stitches which is only 3.51% done. Pardon the hoop marks.

Mona Lisa (Luca-S)
as of 31.08.16
There's no progress for this.  Don't recall doing it in August. Did I? Doubt it.

The Scream (The Art of Cross Stitch)

as of 28.08.16
I did some more since then into a new page which I did not take the picture yet.  This was the latest I have in my thumb drive. The next page is where I finally meet the screamer! Currently, the outline of the head is visible... Will update that tomorrow after tonight's progress....
as of 31.08.16 (i see the head...)
I have also recently started shopping for stuff on AliExpress. So far, 1 order came in relatively good condition.  Mostly for items to be sold on Etsy shop which is currently still on hold.  Waiting for my other packaging materials to come before I finally set it up. I cannot resist the wholesale pricing but coming from China, the quality issue is a by luck thing.

You know, I know.