Sunday, 27 July 2014

Chef Rain: Purple Sweet Potato Dessert (番薯糖水)

With some purple sweet potatoes lying around in the kitchen, I decide to make a very simple Chinese dessert which is the sweet potato dessert 番薯糖水.  There are many recipes around for a more elaborate dessert but I would like to it simple using just what I find in the kitchen.  Besides I was not feeling too good as I was having bad menstrual cramps and I needed something hot to relieve it soon.
(serves 4-6person)

5 small purple sweet potatoes
some okinawa style natural black sugar (amount up to your own taste)
1/3 cup of pearl sago (may reduce to 1/4 cup, I just love sagos)
3 pandan leaves - wash and knotted
1-2 tsp of pure ginger powder (optional)
6 cups of water


1. Boil the sago in a pot of water, stirring occasionally for about 10mins or when it turns translucent.  At the same time, prepare the sweet potatoes by skinning it and slicing it into bite size pieces.

 2.  Keep a look out of the sagos to avoid over cooking it.  I did not set the timer so my estimation of the cooking time was slightly underestimated, hence some were uncooked.  Then again some uncooked are better than all over cooked right?  When its done, drain the sagos and soak them in icy cold water while finishing preparing the sweet potatoes.

3.  Boil 6cups of water in a pot with pandan leaves and black sugar over medium heat.  When its about to boil, add in the sweet potatoes.  Cover and let it boil for a few minutes say about 5mins, stirring it occasionally.

4.  Remove the pandan leaves and at the same time, check if the sweet potatoes are soft enough.  If not, continue to boil for another min or 2.  Since the sweet potatoes are in bite size pieces, it should not take too long.

5.  When the sweet potatoes are soft enough, reduce to low fire.  Add the ginger powder and stir till it dissolves and turn off the stove.

6.  Serve in a bowl and top with sago.

 ❤DONE~! and the pic spam begins
(taken with my galaxy note 1: no filter with just natural lighting)
(pardon my slightly uncooked sagos)

7.  After awhile, I reheated the pot and added in the bowl of sagos to cook it further.

The ginger powder in the soup makes it a little spicer.  For those who do not like ginger, its fine to leave it out.  Sweet potatoes may cause bloating in some people where gas is accumulated in the intestines due to fermentation of mannitol in sweet potatoes.  That's when the effect of the ginger comes in. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginger helps in expelling the gas.
Black sugar contains iron & calcium, magnesium & potassium and is ideal for preparing traditional Chinese recipes and Chinese desserts but I suppose it is also fine to substitute it with rock sugar if you prefer a clearer color dessert.  Up to ones preference I suppose.

This dessert is a comfort food for woman having menses.  The ginger in it helps to keep the body warm and cozy.  It also helps to relief menstrual cramps.  Ginger itself is also a powerful antioxidant and is beneficial to the body.
 Hope you enjoyed it! 


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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Remove blogs on reading list

There would be a period of time where you decided to follow someone's blog and added them to your reading list.  After awhile, for what ever the reason, you decide to stop having updates from them and want to remove them from your reading list.

(for me, I always do periodic cleaning from time to time, it applies to my other social media sites as well as my hp contacts...)

I search for quite awhile but there was no clear cut and detail help to my problem through Google search.  Staring at my computer screen, I was starting to feel frustrated.  Google support help was not very detailed in step by step guide to solve my problem as newer Google stuff like 'Google Friend Connect', I have no idea what it was.

I did not want to waste the time find out in detail what this service was but since 'Google Friend Connect' was indicated, I noted it.  To be honest, most of the newly features of Google, I did not even know or understand. **

** = frustration to be explained later

Below are the pictures and step by step guide which I hope you find useful.

Adding Blogs:
(click on the photos to view larger pic)
It is easy to add blogs onto reading list.  I am sure everyone knows.  Before I had 14 blogs.

 1. On the dashboard, click add.  Key in the blog website you intend to follow and click follow.
 2.  Refresh the page and that particular blog you are interested in appears.  Now I have 15 blogs.
Removing Blogs:
Ok, so right now I decide to remove some blogs but I could not find the delete button anywhere.  Hiding them on my reading list does not cut it for me cause since I do not want any more updates, I would like it to be totally removed from the reading list.  However, there's no delete button and so I search the Google support and forum.
 1.  On the dashboard, under reading list, you can either be at "All blogs"
Or click on which ever "blog" you wish to remove.  To be honest, it makes no difference.  Then click on the settings button
 2.  You will be brought to this "Manage Blogs I'm Following" page.  At the blog you wish to remove, click on settings.

3.  A pop up window will appear as per the picture shown.  At the basic's page, make sure the top header indicated the blog you are removing.  Then click "Stop following this site"  
** As for the frustration I mentioned, it appeared here.  Previously when I came to this step, the pop up page was different.  The header was 'follow xxx' and a few options of social media sites was given to me for a log-in.  I did not understand why another log-in when I'm in my Google account but I finally gave it a try since in the Google support page, something about 'Google Friend Connect' was mentioned.  So, in the end, I log in again through the Google option and the above pic appear.
(did not try the other options, did not manage to screen cap it and after I was done, I tried on the other blogs but it was already back to normal as the above pic)

4.  To confirm, click "Stop following"

5.  Or instead of the basics page, you can go to the "Sites you have joined" page and click on "Stop following" on the blog you wish to remove.  It works both ways coz I removed some more blogs on the list thereafter.
6.  The page will auto refresh and the blog should be removed.
7.  Back at the dashboard, the blog has been removed.  Now I am left with 14 blogs.

That's it.  Hope my version of instructions would be able to help some of you.  IF by any means it did not work, I think you would have to research more or send in an enquiry to Google Forums or Support team for help.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Crossing the 10,000 view mark...

I got a shock seeing the blog stats coz just about an hour ago, it was less than 10 views for today and a hour later it was 66 views and it cross the 10,000 mark.  No idea what was going on but to those who read my blog, I do hope the necessary information you are looking for is available.

10,000 mark is a small milestone for me... looks forward to 20,000 now....

The above Mona Lisa is me subtly smiling to everyone.

Not~ HAHAH~!

This is the picture of the Mona Lisa cross-stitch kit I was talking about few days ago.  It looks quite big a project.  Currently, I believe its flying somewhere in the air on its way to Singapore.  Hope it arrives safely coz I can't wait to start on it.

Like interchange with my half finished autumn theme project coz I'm starting to be sick of it. =X


2 more days to Friday.... 파이팅!