Tuesday, 1 December 2015

To hell with making resolutions...

Let's recap on my resolutions for 2015 to see what I had achieved (in bold).

1) Save more money
(for Lipo in Medan hopefully on my birthday week)


Went for thigh lipo on my bday week alone! have since fully recovered as of today. Saving for my next trip or maybe.....

2) Thigh Lipo and tummy/arm touch ups


Accomplished: Thigh lipo. Next trip would be 2nd session on either arms, lower abdomen or thighs.  Will see.

3) Try reduce fast foods, soft/sugared drinks and junk food (chips, salted/sweetened biscuits, cakes, instant noodles) to a minimal


In 2015, i recorded the following.  For the entire year, it does not seem a lot but I hope to clamp down on instant noodles and chips in 2016 thou.

Bubble tea: 7 times
Instant noodles: 21 times
McD: 1 time (happy meal (6pcs nuggets & cup corn) shared with aunt)
Pizza: 3 individual slices
Carbonated drink: -
Chips: ~ 15 bags (didn't record just estimation)

4) Lose at least 5kg by next XMAS
(now i'm 73kg, so next xmas it should be like maximum 68kg)


Since May, my weight has been around 70-71kg.  Towards the later half of the year, I have been taking slimming pills.  1 bottle from Expressions Fat Burner, 1 bottle from Kinohimitsu Tummy Tuck and 1 month supply of Kinohimitsu Kilocut.  Did not really help much in anyway.  Current weight still 70kg so I suppose its still a 3kg loss from last year assuming if come xmas i'm still 70kg?

5) Learn or develop a new interest


Accomplished with love for nanoblocks and adult coloring books!

6) Resume reading Chinese novels/baking/cooking interest and complete my Mona Lisa sewing project.


Semi-Accomplished. I bought and read couple of Qiong Yao novels in the first half of the year.  Also tried and cooked up a couple of dishes but my Mona Lisa sewing was kind of abandoned since I started coloring.

7) Try to do more good deeds without hesitation


Can't recall doing any.  I even turn away the volunteers gathering funds for ASEAN Para Games by saying I don't care about it which in actual fact, I really don't care about it.  Still, wish the players all the best.

8) Try to be less hot tempered/less impatient/less annoyed easily


Was fine in the first half of the year then it went downhill.  Especially towards my mum.

9) Try to abstain from impure thought


I think its human nature to think about sex.  Well, I admit I do watch porn but not very often.

10) Be a much happier person


Not happening at all

Scored about 4.5/10.... Well, it is much better than not accomplishing anything at all.  I don't think I am doing resolutions from now on already coz its pretty redundant.  Lets just hope whatever I do, does not break the law, harm anyone or even myself.

What is worth remembering in 2015 that happened to me?

Apart from the thigh lipo I did, I don't think there is much.  This time it hurts like a bitch towards the end of surgery (nearly bite off my own flesh while enduring the pain, poor nurse's hand was also tightly grip and nails dugged into hers... poor thing, bought her something while grocery shopping few days later to thank her) which was the worse of the 3 times I did but the recovery was the fastest & easiest. Surprised myself at the recovery process thou!

It is only the bruises that is intimidating.  I almost ran up and down the stairs the next day and have no problems speed walking in the shopping mall in about day 4! WTF~!

As a person, mentally, I would say I am becoming more angry and unhappy especially towards my mum.  I think its a personality clash or character or whatever.  How is it each time she arranges a meal gathering, my mood would always be bad.  The dinner atmosphere will always be somber with me not bother to talk or anything and then she gets pissed off.

To be honest, I really am not interested in meeting for meals.

Really don't understand why I feel such a drag about spending time with my mum? Unexplained frustration and anger towards her.  Or maybe the problem is being outside of the house in public?

I wonder if its my father's infidelity that sparks off everything.  I have never kept in contact/seen much of him since, thou he still stays in the same household as my mum (apparently, different rooms now) but I am no longer staying with them but at my aunts's place.

I felt very disgusted by him.
I felt even disgusted to be sharing his genes.
I feel even shitter being similar to him in terms of behavior and attitude.

Perhaps I blamed my mum... for marrying a person like my dad and having his children.  I am also appalled at her decision not to divorce my dad when the shit happens and chose to still live together with him under the same roof like 2 separate individuals.

I am also pissed off at the fact I have a brother who used to have loan shark problems and is not contributing much to society as a whole and at times still financially dependent on my mum as of now.

Think I just prefer to stay away from people who gives me problems, even if they are my next-of-kin. Seeing my mum just makes me remember all the negative things.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Selfish & heartless? I won't deny it but not facing her and the group of people who pisses me off does make me feel much calmer.  Thou at times I am happy to see her after a long while when she comes over to my aunt's house.

there... i think the problem lies in meeting at home or outside... 

Coming 2016...

I hope to be a much calmer person in temperament thou I doubt it will happen unless something magical happens... there's a Chinese saying that goes roughly by 爱情会让一个人有180度的大转变but this will never happened because I am home 24/7 apart from being in office whole day.  So, what miracles will happen to me?


whatever... i'm never fated with miracles or luck anyways...

Monday, 23 November 2015

Liposuction in Medan 3: 6 months later

Clinic: Elixir De Vie
Doctor: Dr Arthur Tjandra
Country: Medan, Indonesia
Method: Traditional Liposuction under LA

     1. This is based on my own experience and I paid for the procedures in full
     2. Please note that recovery speed differs with each individual
     3. 7 mth post op at time of posting.  Pretty much the same since 6mth.
     4. I lost the initial draft which was almost done for this post.  Did try my best to remember              but it might not be as detailed as before. =(
     5. Not much after photos because it look quite the same to me.
     6. Saw a note on their You-Tube page that there will be another price increment from Jan              2016. *sigh*


Day 11 Post Op
 4 months:  

1) Still wearing my 2XU shorts/tights 24/7 under my work and home attire.

2) Discoloration of both inner thighs is still there

3) Resumed walk/jog 10km over both weekend once.  On sat it was fine, but after sun's exercise, it resulted in me having sore thigh muscles while going up and down the stairs.  I suppose its normal since the muscles have rested for so many months till such strenuous exercise.  Did not notice any particular swelling much.  Can't tell for my case.

My note to you:  There were some patient experiencing swelling if doing strenuous exercise before its fully healed.  Not a cause of worry thou if you did.  Its just the lymphatic system has yet to fully recover so the fluids didn't circulate well.  Advice would be to only do strenuous exercise after fully healed.

4) My inner knees still feels a bit numbing or what i describe as fuzzy feeling when touched.

5) Have not been having much appetite.  I have gotten back the weight when I was just before surgery.  So I suppose that's the end of the weight update part

6) Sometimes my thighs seem to swell during my menses.

Update in previous post:

Gotten a screen cap from clinic's YouTube account.  Showing a bit of the before and after immediately after surgery.  I cannot embed the video or upload mine because it contains nudity and although its medical videos but you have those idiots who thinks its porn and got all offended.  Spare the religious hypocrisy.... Your mind is already twisted to see it other than medical videos....

I have exactly the same video but different angle because the Dr's nurse took with my Note 1 and the maid took with the clinic's camera.  I combined all 4 parts into one and insert commentary on some parts where the Dr got my info wrong.  Its a pity I cannot upload it because I do not have the software to mosaic off the sensitive regions.  I would not want to breach the MDA law on this.  However, the video is the best proof of the results immediately post surgery.  Sigh.

Got to make do with it people, its the best I can do to share my experience.
After left thigh done. About 1.5 litres of fat taken out.
After both thighs done. In total about 2.5 litres of fat taken.
Post op ~ 4 months:

I especially love the smooth contour on my outer thighs at the above angle.  Perhaps the below comparison would make the result more obvious.

Honestly, I did not believe my thighs were that huge (thou I know I had thick thighs but didn't realize it was THAT thick) till I put the after pictures next to my pre-surgery shot which I screen-caped from the you-tube videos.  Size and contour did improved but it could be improved further.  I did have loose skins mainly noticeable in the inner thighs.

 5 months:  

1) Have not been wearing much of the 2XU these days.  Only wore them at night when I went out to exercise in the evening which is rarely these days with the on and off haze, I have not been exercising  much at all except for leg stretches at night.

2) Discoloration of both inner thighs seems to have lightened.

3) The fuzzy or numbing feeling in the inner knees when touched seems to be gone.

4) Incision scars seem to lighten and then darken again in some areas especially the inner knees.  I did not apply any bleaching cream and so I am letting it fade with time.

My note to you: Unless you are those who do not bother much about scars or the color of surrounding areas of the scars, I suggest you buy the bleaching creams from Dr or those scar creams which are much cheaper in the pharmacy and use it diligently to lighten them.

5) During my menses, sometimes my thigh swells a little and some other times it did not.

 6 months:  

1) Discoloration of both thighs seemed to be gone

~ Week 5-6 Post Op
~ 6 month Post Op

2) Apart from the incision scars, there is nothing much to comment about

(left taken on 23/5/15 (~week 2), middle was taken on 16/06/15 (~week 5), right was taken about 6 month post op)

The healing rate for my incisions scars is pretty strange in a way.  Both knee caps about the same so I group them together to compare.  It lightens then darkens and lightens again.  As of now, it is quite unnoticeable.

(left taken on 17/07/15 (~week 10), right was taken about 6 month post op)

The healing rate for my incisions scars is pretty strange in a way.  Both inner and outer knee caps are about the same so I group them together to compare.  It lightens then darkens and remains darken. As of now, it is quite noticeable like a brown mole.  With the exception on the one on my outer right knee which has lightened.

The healing rate for my incisions scars is pretty strange in a way.  Both groin and hip areas are about the same so I group them together to compare.  The scars are unnoticeable actually.  It is the surrounding areas of the incisions scar that remains darken.  Like I mentioned before many times, I did not apply any creams to lightened my incision areas.  So this was my problem to deal with.

 Overall Thoughts:  

I am fully recovered.

As you can see, the contour on the hip area to the thighs is now much more smoother. While it looks like the upper thigh area is still big, one have to understand that if you have big/thick thighs to begin with, 1 session is not enough.  Understanding that, the results now are within my expectation so I was not too disappointed.

The inner/outer thighs and knees have been sculpted to create definition.  the improvement can be seen as now i observed myself having 'knee gaps'.

(top is before, bottom is after)

However from the side pictures, one cannot really tell much difference.  It looked almost the same to me except I find that the butt area is slightly more rounder and the thigh size improved just a tiny bit.  Perhaps due to the fats removed from the bottom area of the buttocks and possibly more on my inner thighs?.  That, I would not know.

The doc removed 2.5 liters of fat only and while I had hope he removed more, I was glad he did not because my body started to shiver beyond my control and the anesthetic has worn off and I was in quite a bit of pain (sorry to the nurse whom i grab her hand and hurt because of my nails, really appreciated it when she stroke my head to sayang me).  No idea if that's the maximum of how my body can take or if the air-con was on by then. Can't really tell.

Bottom line thou: Patient safety is more important.

So far, there is not much changes in terms of weight or clothing size.  I have gain weight since my first session in 2012 at 66kg and it has been relatively constant since May 2015 at about 70kg.  To be honest, I have been taking diet/slimming supplements to help keep my weight in check but there is not much changes sadly.

Clearly it is an indication that liposuction does not really reduce your weight in numbers but to shape the body contour.  Also, I read online that it takes sometimes up to 1 year for thigh liposuction to fully recover with the skin connecting back to the void left by the fats being removed.  Which means, maybe the size/contour could improve further for me so I will just continue to monitor till then.

With that, its the end for this update on my thigh liposuction experience.  I may or may not do a post op 1 year post.  Shall see.


Still waiting for my post-op pictures from Dr after I reminded him over Facebook. LOL~~~! He won't forget ba? Its been 2 months+ since that reminder le...

To be honest, I am starting to save for my 2nd thigh/arm/lower abdomen session with him already (no idea when I can reach that target with my current pay).  If my rainey compression is not sold by then, I can bring it over with me.  I should be able to fit into it by then. LOL. Targeting next May on my birthday week again... Will see...

P.s I bought the wrong size of Stage 1 compression garment from Rainey (worn usually the first 2 weeks after surgery or as per Dr's advise).  Please refer to "Stuff to Go" if you are interested.


-♉- END -♉-


Quoted From Clinic's Email:

Remember: liposuction is not the answer or solution to your current problem. A change of your lifestyle should be the answer! Liposuction is only a sculpting tool to sculpt your body and get rid of stubborn pockets of fat which are resistant to exercise and diet.

Saturday, 21 November 2015


my almost done post op 6mth lipo draft got deleted and the changes were captured as deleted and i can't tell you how shock i am...

i did not have a back up post draft off blogger.

its my fault trying to edit my post on my house laptop which is getting cranky...

my per month recovery notes were lost.

i cannot recall exactly the healing points or what i had typed.

so basically the 'new' post on that will be what memory i can squeezed out of my brain since i have been editing and adding on since the last update.

pictures that were uploaded before did help me in remembering some but it would not be as detailed and accurate as my lost post.

which is sad, i mean, i'm upset at myself for trying to update the post on this laptop, and trying to watch online videos at the same time.

ah... i prize accurate reporting quite high and now, i feel its not that accurate kind of makes me feel not factual... you get what i mean...

sigh... shall just suck it up and blog what i can now...

but i think i shall get myself a new laptop first.... i dun want to screw that up again....

fine... so i guess... i shall forgo my batam spa trip, hair cut and my sk-ii facial products as well as my hp for a new laptop...

*damn it*