Thursday, 28 April 2016

Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy Day (includes explicit description+picture)

Disclaimer: Gross pictures and description included and so read at your own discretion.

So yesterday 26/04/16, I went for my first Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy at Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard).  A day prior to the procedure, there were couple of things to follow.

If your scope is early in the morning like mine, these 5 tablets (dulcolax) have to be taken at 3pm the day before (according to the pamphlet). However on the medication packet, it was written 5pm and so I decide to take it at 4pm instead. What these tablets do is to soften your stool in the colon to make it easily passable. (unlike my normal hard pellets during my constipated times)

Come night time, I followed the instructions on the packet of "fortrans' and drank this between 8pm to 10pm.  The powder smells like wall paint but taste like salted carrot juice when mixed with water. Nearly vomited cause it really was *yuck* but I did finish a liter of it by holding my breath while drinking.  Quickly brush my teeth to get rid of the taste and smell when I was done.

This drink is a type of laxative meant for patients undergoing colonoscopy.  Within about 35mins of drinking my first cup, I went to the toilet.  Got a shock and yet amused because it really flushes out your colon cleaned.  I couldn't tell if I was pooping or peeing from my butt hole, that's how the texture was.  Was told that the color of the excretion was meant to go from black to light color but all I saw was a toilet bowl of black mess (could it be also the sesame paste and oreo biscuits i ate for dinner?)

Had all in all about 4 toilet trips before I decided to call it a night because I had to wake up very early since my mum is picking me up by taxi.  Thank goodness I did not have any cramps while at night thou and manage to sleep. 

Anyway, we arrived in the hospital at about 6.30am and visited the washroom first because unlike me, the effects of the laxatives came much later for my mum and she was kept awake since 4am.  By time we got to the clinic, it was almost 7am.  There were already couple of patients in the center awaiting admission.  Even thou we were the 2nd in line for admission, it took quite awhile.  In between waiting, I was in the toilet still clearing my system.
amenities: slipper, comb, toothbrush & paste etc
So after admission was done, I was brought in by nurse to have my height and weight taken and led into the room (3 bedded) for me to change into my gown and have that drip thing inserted into my right hand.

The nurses were really friendly and accommodating to me.  Created a little hooha when I forgotten the pin to my cabinet lock and they had to get security to open it and the guard actually explained to me how to use it.  *embarrassed with my own stupidity*

Then the tag on my wrist had to be reprinted and replaced because nurse spotted the error in my particulars. *face palm! how could I overlook my gender of all things* 

HAHAHA. I wore the gown wrongly also.  Damn embarrassing OK it was like I had so many problems.  The nurse also had to see my poop early in the morning. *i'm soooo sorry, hope you strike 4D*

Anyway, my mum was pushed into the endoscopy room first.  It took less than 30mins for her turn. When she came back, she was already pretty alert and talking to the nurse who was pushing her back to rest.  The nurse came over and proceeded to push me into the endoscopy room next. Along the way I was like waving to my mum and said bye.  Quite funny thinking about it.

Wanted to laugh from the nervousness and uneasy feeling being pushed around in bed but I controlled it cause it did not seem appropriate to.  Just felt really weird inside.

In the room, I was looking around at the machinery around me with beeping sounds all over while the nurses were preparing.  It was about 8.25am plus minus when I was in the room.  Thankfully for the friendly nurses and doctor, it was less nerve wrecking.

After my nose was stuffed with the oxygen tube, my throat was sprayed with some bitter medication to numb the throat.  Was told to lie sideways in foetal position and told to bite a guard (for the Gastroscopy).  I think the doctor or was it the nurse injected the anesthetic into my hand drip and I was knocked out in seconds.

By time I woke up it was already 8.50am-ish and I was pushed back into the resting room by about 9am.  In the rest area I failed to nap because it was rather noisy with nurses talking and pushing stuff in and out etc.  Before nurse left me to rest earlier, she said not to get out of the bed alone because I could still be drowsy from the sedation earlier but I needed to go to the washroom because I have no idea if I would be passing gas or liquid poop like last night.

So as a precaution I called for the nurse.  Ends up, I could walk unassisted to the bathroom but really slowly. Apart from farting a lot of gases, there was also faint traces of blood mucus in the toilet bowl.
coffee was not very nice but i did enjoy the sandwhich
Breakfast (which i ordered with the nurses) was send to me awhile later and after breakfast, I changed out of the gown and was brought to the holding room with my mum where we have to rest and wait till the minimum 6hrs is up to be able to fully claim from insurance.

From the time I was resting on the bed till I leave the hospital I was expelling a lot of gases.  I did that in the washroom far away from the holding area because it was really embarrassing la...

*was told by mum that air was pumped into the colon to inflate it for the camera to be inserted*

My mum and I did not pay a single cent for this check up as everything is claimable from the insurance policy we bought.  Maybe because it was claimable from insurance I was given a lot of medications. HAHAHAHA~ I would advice you to check with your insurance agent to see if your policy covers these procedures before making an appointment.

Along with medications, post procedure advice and medical reports, you will also be given a DVD of the recorded procedure.  Yes, video images of how your internal organs looks like etc as the camera enters.

As for diagnosis, my stomach is clean with no abnormalities.  Just mild gastric.  Which was quite surprising because I expected to have ulcers, bleeding and whatnot to be removed as my meals and appetite is not stable and I was plagued with gastric in my younger days.  Was also having strange loss in appetite like I have been having like 1 or 1.5 meals a day and could go long hours without food at times.  I don't feel like I had gastric but test shown I do have a mild one.
As for colon, it was also normal with no abnormalities but I have large hemorrhoids in my anus. Which confirmed my speculation back in 2014 when I first bled quite a bit from the toilet session. I could feel 2 lumps at my anus whenever I strain poop.  That period of time when it first appear, I actually manage to contort my body and took a picture of it.

But it disappeared after awhile (probably went back into my rectum) and since it did not bother me, I just left it then thou there was talks about going for a scope.  It came back after the bout of diarrhea last night from the laxatives. According to doctor, I have 1 internal and 1 external hemorrhoid (maybe=1 large hemorrhoid).

Apparently the size was too large to ligate (remove) at the time of the scope and had to be removed surgically another time.
Since it did not give me any problems, I was told to just leave it alone.  My mum however had 2 pimple sized stuff removed from the stomach and 1 from the colon.  Everything was send for test to ensure its not cancerous.  Both of us were feeling ok and normal after the procedure and after about 6hrs in the hospital, we head down to Taka for some shopping and lunch before going back home.

The next day, while at work, a nurse called me on my phone to check if I was doing ok and have any problems or discomfort.  Was advice to take the medications as per doctor's instructions.  So, fine. I will take the medications for 2 weeks.

My first experience with Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy was an 'enjoyable' one.  I honestly felt no pain whatsoever from the procedures.  The only pain was probably the IV drip thing and the anesthetic that was injected.  Oh yes, and also the farting of gases which was pretty embarrassing.

I think I am planning to do this again or make it a point to do it every 5 years after all colon cancer is the number 1 cancer in Singapore for men and number 2 cancer for women (*).  Having it check is better because if detected early, it can be treated.

Place done: Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
Doctor: Dr. Denis Nyam Ngian Kwong
Clinic: Nyam Colon Rectal & General Surgery
Phone: +65 6836 9909

(*) cancer statistic found in this link

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Finally i'm going for it after my mum made the appointment.

There were talks about this with mum quite some time ago but only today, it was confirmed that an appointment was made with Mount E for next week.

I, at age 32 next month, will be going for my first endoscopy & colonoscopy.


I don't know. I just felt like it quite awhile ago. Like back in July 2014 or so when I first experience bleeding while strain pooping. Thou it was a one off incident but since then I had thoughts on going for a scope.  Just that it was put off till now because I did not put action into my thoughts.  Unlike now, my mum did the booking already so I had to go.

My mum will also be doing the colonscopy on the same day too.  So at least I won't be alone.  Not like I mind doing it alone afterall I went liposuction 3 times myself in Indonesia. Just that the idea of shoving a camera into my ass and down my throat is a little nerve wrecking.

I once had a camera shove down my nose and the feeling was just gross. Thankfully I was told that I would be sedated so I probably won't feel a thing.  Now, I am worried I would be sprouting nonsense in my unclear state of mind.

HAHA... nervous for every reason there is...

Monday, 18 April 2016

Minions Collection + Marvel Heroes Nanoblocks Regrouped & Completed

After months of fixing and taking a break and back to fixing, I am finally done with the minions collection.  I decided to stop at the ones I had even when I saw 4-8 new designs that sprung up.
First batch ordered back in Oct 2015
Ok i admit i ordered 1 more superman minion to add on to the current superhero collection. There were 3 more superheroes which I couldn't get my hands on.

It wasn't cheap in total.

I had ordered small display cases previously which evolved to deluxe casing which I finally opt to place them in customized cases. Resulting in many small and deluxe casing unused.

Nope, I am not selling it to recoup losses. I will just keep it aside for future nano-block projects or gift it to my cousin who sometimes fixes nano-blocks.

Ok. Now to show off my collection. Bare with me, its a lot of pictures =) (both taken with Galaxy Note 1 before I switch to Sony XPERIA Z5. pardon me for some pictures with bad lighting)

First 4 minions to be in the deluxe casing first...

Then the next 6 belonging to 2 other series....

Next series set in another deluxe casing....

I left it like this for awhile before deciding to rearrange and regroup some into smaller casing because I find the deluxe casing is too high in height.

It was quite sometime later when I resume back nano-blocks after a period of coloring.  With the next series set which was much bigger than the previous minions and obviously more expensive. Initially the first 2 minions was displayed in a deluxe casing while the rest was back into their boxes and kept in the cupboard.  It was not until weeks and months later when I decide to get customized cases to assemble it altogether.

Taking into consideration the height of the previous deluxe casing, as well as the measurements of the display shelf and the completed minions when placed together, I ordered my first customized case.  It came roughly 2.5 weeks later before I could assemble altogether.

The superheroes were also rearranged and regrouped in the small cases to better fit the display shelf.  So far so good.  It was left like this for quite awhile before I reordered my 2nd batch of customized cases with another adjustment in height and width.  In the meanwhile, slowly assembling the remaining 10 boxes.
portion of nano-blocks on the shelf, the rest is outside.
The next 10 boxes was even bigger than the previous and initial sets.

Took my time to fix 1 box at a time, when I had the sudden itchy fingers to. Was preoccupied with anime and my mona lisa cross-stitch most of the time anyway while coloring was long abandoned.  When the customized cases came (1 black base 1 transparent base), it was another round of regrouping to include the first 2 out of the 10 boxes I did.

Cleared out the 2nd level shelf to make space for this.  The case's width measurement was just nice even if the minions were placed with no spaces in between.  However, when I ordered the cases, I actually reduced the height by another cm without knowing that the remaining 10 boxes of minions was even taller than the previous set.  Thank God it fit with some height allowance.

Many weeks later.... after I was done with the 10th box, I began to assemble them...

To my horror....

The box was too small to house all of them together.  My box measurements was based on the previous smaller sets.  I did not foresee the size of this current series to be this huge.

I decided to just include 6 in the box.  I had to alter the height a little by removing 1 layer of the block on the pirate hat.  It was not noticeable so thank goodness.

As for the remaining 2 sets, I combine with the individual minion pieces to include the final superman nano-block, therefore getting rid of another deluxe casing.

But I am unsatisfied.  I did not manage to display all minion nano-blocks on a single shelf.  I think am going to order another larger display box to house all the huge minions.

Oops, i really did just that.... and to restore the original height of the pirate hat and the soldier's hat....

Approximately 2 weeks + few days later it came!!!!!!!!!!! so huge!!!!! so the following weekend it was another round of regrouping and presenting to you my army of minions. (had to throw away 1 of the cracked minions because I failed to assemble it due to poor quality of blocks)
The double story casing dropped while shifting it to move out the minions.


The above case's base is transparent
With the empty large cases, I also decided to regroup the marvel superheroes which also have been completed quite sometime ago.  In the process, all the small cases which I previously used are now rendered useless. Hahaha!

I think I am so done with nanoblocks. FOR NOW....