Monday, 25 May 2015

Renewing IC @ 30yrs.... well... i was late...

Citizens of a country are identified by the identity card (IC) they hold be it Residents or Permanent Residents (PR) as well.  All lawful residents residing in Singapore are required to register for their first IC when they are 15yrs of age.

My first IC however, was registered and issued back in 1996 when I was about 12yrs old.  It was done through the school I was studying in I think.  Could not really remember the details of the application but looking at my IC photo, I will always remember that day when the picture was taken.

Back in 1996, before the upgrade of the now food & fresh market at Pine Close.  There was a row of old shop houses behind it.  It was taken at a traditional photo studio.  My dad brought me there to have my picture taken.  Why do I remember so clearly?
That's because while I was sitting upright and waiting for the uncle to take my picture, my dad was observing by the camera and just before the uncle snaps the photo, my dad came in and uses his comb to comb my fringe.  As it ends up, instead of having neat fringe, it became messy as per the picture shown above.


I do remember complaining do my dad after it but I submitted this photo anyway.  Come on, I was just about 12yrs of age.  Did not think or read too much about it.

Fast forward 18yrs later...
I cannot remember since when... maybe shortly after I turned 30 in 2014, I received a notification by post from Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to renew my IC photo.  I refused to and just chucked the letter aside.
Few months later, another notice came and recently in March 2015, another one.  So in all, I had 3 letters of the same thing and yet I refused to renew.  In my mind, I was refusing to accept that 'I AM 30YRS OLD!' and is thinking of delaying it till possibly the last week before I turn 31yrs. HAHAHAH!
::: All eligible registrants have to re-register their IC in accordance with Regulation 14(1)(b) of  the National Registration Regulations :::
Now, 15/04/15, my 31st birthday is fast approaching.  It's pretty scary thinking back cause it felt just like yesterday when I first received the letter of notification. I then decided not to wait till the last week before I actually do something about it for fear that something might just crop up at the last minute.  Did not want to risk breaking the law or whatever that I maybe liable to.
:::Under offence: Any person who fails to comply shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2years or to a fine not exceeding $3,000 or to both:::
I definitely want to look better in my new IC photo like come on man! Its going to be with me for life now.  I do not want to appear messy in my new photo and as a grown up woman, I have a certain standard on what to look like in official documents like the IC / Passport.  So, I listed out what I have to do to appear 'decent' by 2nd May.
1. Eyebrows
2. Clear skin
3. Tone jawline
4. Neat hair
5. Light makeup to conceal pimple scarring
❤Eyebrows - CHECKED❤
I last did my eyebrow embroidery back in 04/03/14 with Prestige.  The colour is still there after 1yr 1mth.  Pretty lasting, even my mum thinks it still looks ok and so I need not utilise my last session with them as yet.
❤Clear Skin - CHECKED❤
Couple of months ago.  I started having consistent breakouts on certain areas on my forehead and right cheek.  Had scarrings here and there as it kept on reocuuring.  Since then, I had signed up for a facial package with Healing Touch and have been going facials frequently every 2 to 3 weeks initially.  Also increased intakes on fruits that are high in anti-oxidants like strawberries & blueberries, change the way I wash my face and putting on paper mask like every 3 days to keep face hydrated.  Condition sort of improved with no obvious pimples but slight scarring, uneven skin texture here and there which could be covered by makeup on the actual day.
So a day before I schedule the next session of Botox, I booked myself another facial appointment with Healing Touch.  Just to maintain it.

❤Tone Jawline - CHECKED❤
Back in 30/01/15, I did a session of Botox V-Lift with Freia Medical.  I liked how tone and smooth the jawline that was resulted from the treatment and so, I scheduled a review with the doctor about 1 week before I took the photos on 25/04/15.  Proceeded with a 2nd session of Botox V-Lift to prolong the current results.  Did not do fillers in the end due to the cost.
❤Neat hair - CHECKED❤
A few days later after the Botox session, I went for a hair cut at Chez Vous Hair.  The last time I had a hair cut/trim was back in July 2014 during the heat wave where I chopped off the long gone perm I last did in end of Nov 2013.  For the past 9mths or so all I did was hair treatments. 
My mum is the most please with the hair cut decision because she has been frowning at my indifference towards my un-maintained hairstyle.  No shape, no volume, no nothing.  End of the day, I got myself hair cut, cold perm and colour highlights.
❤Light Make Up- CHECKED❤
If you have been following my blog/dayre, you would have known that unlike most ladies out there, I am pretty much bo chup (indifferent) in my image management.  Except my desire (often met with procrastination) to be in shape and having a tone/jawline.  I have a strict guideline in choosing what to wear and I do not apply make up.
Not because I am lazy but more of I do not know how to apply it properly (ok, fine i'm lazy to learn) and I refuse to spend so much money/time on make up.  The last time in memory when I applied make up was probably back in say mid 2005 when I was still in poly.  It lasted for a week only thou.
On the day of photo taking, I brought my aunt's concealer with me.  After wash & blow dry my hair at the salon, I dap the concealer over the pimpled areas in the toilet.  Initially, I thought of approaching a makeup booth in the mall and requested for a very light make up but I scrapped the idea.  I proceeded to take my photos after I'm done.
Was not really satisfied with the photo.  The hair was not what I had in mind as it did not show the perm I gotten a few weeks earlier.  Also, the tone jawline failed to be captured on the photo which is strange because all other photos I taken, you could visibly see the tone V shape.  Perhaps it was due to the angle the photo is taken by the photographer.

*SIGH!* All the preparation for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FML!!!!!!! But I made do with it after all its not often my IC is used for anything and I am almost running out of time.

:::Do not wear white if you intend to take IC photos, I was told so and ended up having to buy a colour tee and wear it instead:::
On 10th May 2015, I submitted my application by emailing the documents to ICA.  Shortly after, I received an email stating I have to register through the form online. and not just emailing them the documents.

Panic now because I am leaving town the next day to Indonesia and will not be in for the whole week.  I tried registering online in Indonesia but the connection was quite unstable and I failed to submit on time.  By time I got back and was ready to try again, it was already past my 31st birthday by a few hours.

Online registration portal was closed! So, I made a trip down to ICA the next morning at 8am and register at the counter.  Thankfully, the officer give me an allowance and allow the staff to process for me.  I did not have to pay any fine which I would have negotiated monthly instalments because I was broke from the liposuction trip.

Yes, I would pay if I was told to because it was my fault that I drag it for too long.  This allowance is probably on a case by case basis, so perhaps I was really lucky to be excluded from the fine.  For the renewal of IC, there will be a fee of S$10.00.

Did not want to take the day off to collect the new IC so I waited till 23rd, the following Sat to collect personally.  Looking at the new IC, no idea why I broke into a smile, feeling somewhat emotional.  Perhaps I was just proud of being a true-blue (pink I/C holder) Singaporean.
Closely scrutinizing the IC.  It looks very new/shiny/glossy compared to the old IC. It has additional details of my Chinese name while the rest of the information remains the same.  The main photo is much smaller than the past with additional tiny photo at the bottom. 
The photo does not seem too bad at the end of the day (its neat compared to my old one) but seriously what's the point of coloured photo when it will still end up as black & white?  My brows ended up looking like half-shaved!

You know the movie 'Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame'? Carina Lau played the character of Empress Wu Zetian?  My brows reminded me of hers thou much thinner.
My aunt was saying, imagine if I did not do eyebrow embroidery, the whole area will be in white colour. HAHAH. WTH....

Lastly, the difference between the new and old IC is there is a figure of a merlion head embossed on the front which is noticeable when you tilt the IC at an angle.  This new IC is so new that I did not want to put it in my wallet.  The old one is still with me. HAHAH!
So people, all in all....

Please do re-register for your new IC as soon as you received the notification.  You have a time frame of 1 year (latest) before your 31st birthday to do so online.  Failing which you would have to personally make a trip down to ICA to renew because the online portal will be closed.  Please also note that failing to update your IC when required may subject yourself to a fine or imprisonment charge.
For more info:

1. Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) - IC Services
2. Steps & Useful Links to apply IC
3. Re-registration at 30yrs old
4. FAQs
5. National Registration Regulations

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Liposuction in Medan 3: Thighs (Day 5)

Clinic: Elixir De Vie
Doctor: Dr Arthur Tjandra
Country: Medan, Indonesia
Method: Traditional Liposuction under LA

::: Disclaimer:  This is based on my own experience and I paid for the procedures in full :::


5.10am - Ready to Go 
tidied the table. that's my box of macaroons.
just out of bed look.
Woke up at 5am.  Gave myself 1hr to get ready but I was ready in 10mins.  Just brush teeth and change into my set of clothes.  Wow, that was quick.
There were reviews whereby some patients feet swell so big but for me, it was not that bad.  I could still fit into my pair of shoes.  Did not get to wear the spare slippers I brought.
6.15am - Left the clinic
while waiting for the other lady.  this is the gym.
I was downstairs waiting about 5-10mins before 6am because I did not want to be late since I am sharing the driver with the other patient who is returning to Singapore as well.  She is going directly to the airport while I will be dropped at the train station.

That lady was late for 15mins.  While waiting, the driver was sceptical about me reaching in time at the airport.  He kept on asking the time of the train ride, how long it reaches and my flight timing.  He was asking why not I take direct to airport and I told him I did not pay the Dr for it.  Even if he say I could just pay him the cost of the train ticket directly, I still stuck to my decision of taking the train.

I'm a Taurus. Stubborn like the bull.

6.29am - Panick

The train station does not look like the one I alighted from when I first came.  The entrance says city or was it regional train meaning its within Indonesia itself not the one to airport.  Besides, airport train looks super new and clean but the one I saw at platform was old.  Something was wrong.

So *cross fingers that the guy at ticket counter understands English* I approached the counter to ask about the airport train and he directed him to another place which was nearby (actually just behind that old building).  Followed his direction but I do not see any entrance to that new train station wor.

The train leaves at 7am and I'm still looking for the station, can you imagine how fast my heart and mind was running?

I decided to try my luck and went up this drive way leading to unknown building.  THANK GOD! I found the said entrance and queued up to get my ticket.  It was already 6.31am by time I sat down at the waiting area.
K2 is the section.  6B is the seat number.  The ARS card is the one time card I was referring to, to go into the gates.
Sigh of relief because at the thought of being stranded in Medan with little IDR and having to get another air tix is daunting early in the morning.  The waiting area faces a minimart and cake shop but after setting aside some IDR for airport tax (just in case) I did not have much left so I did not get any snack or drinks.

6.47am - Boarding train

Open for boarding.  Just follow the crowd and it will be ok.

7am - Train left on schedule

Shortly before leaving the platform, the entire cabin/train blacked out.  Lasted for few seconds but enough to make me think random thoughts about final destination movie.  Cabin quite filled up and I sat with 3 other passengers.  A bit uncomfortable facing 2 other men but it was ok la, avoided eye contact with the cute one.  They were talking in mix of Indonesian, Hokkien & English.  Noisy ride thou, with kid behind and basically hp noises sounding everywhere.

8.08am - Waiting to board plane

The train pulled into airport station at about 7.31am.  The ride took approx. 31mins which was quite fast wor.  The exit was linked all the way to the departure hall and its quite a long walk but its indoors all the way so no problems at all.  Just follow the crowd.

I checked in the night before and so I went straight to the counter to collect my boarding pass and after quick trip to the washroom, I went into the departure gate.  There were eateries and shops in the airport so next time maybe if I choose a later flight, I can hang around the airport.  Most importantly, there was Starbucks!

Thankfully I did not have to pay the airport tax of IDR200,000 because it was already included in my air tix.  Why did I set aside then?  Because Dr told me he was ask to pay extra even if its included in his air tix.  So as precautionary measures, I did.  I think its always best to be prepared in case of any emergencies.

8.26am - Seated & Belted
state of macaroons after a day of bumpy transportation
Did not have to wait long.  Got called to board at about 8.15am.  Right now I'm at my seat and from what I see, its quite a full flight.

9am - Meal on board
Plane left on schedule.  Meal is served and its just a simple sandwhich.  Taste better than the other chicken jerky sandwhich.  Ask for tea this round.  The air stewardess very cute leh.  She ask if I ordered special meal and I waited for her to say "fat free" but I guess she respected privacy and we both mouth it and nod.  HAHAA~

9.27am (10.27am SGT) - Preparing for landing

It was a short flight.  Took off was smooth, hope landing will be as well.
11.35am SGT - Heading home

Bought myself D&G latest perfume at the duty free shop.  Thereafter updated my status on FB that I have landed safely and immediately whataspp my BFF.  Received few msgs (3 on whatsapp, 2 on dayre, 3 on FB) wishing me a happy bday and I replied everyone of them (many thanks to those who remembered and bothered to wish me since I removed my bdate on facebook the day before. I always do to test people).

Oh by the way.  Previous trip I gained about 3kgs because of the amount of food (mainly rice and birthday cake from doctor), water retention and swelling but this time round.... 0.9kg.... HAHAHAHA! Not bad!
Day 1 - Before surgery
Day 5 - After I got home
Kind of dread going home now.  I am happy to be back in Singapore but at the same time, it sucks to be in Singapore on my birthday la~~~~  Oh well, I shall just go home and rest till my birthday dinner at ding tai feng with my mum & aunts later.

6pm - Heading out
Special allowance to eat instant noodles on my birthday.  Korean Fire Noodles!
Had a short nap after eating lunch.  It was the Korean Fire Noodles! Special allowance for instant noodles on this day.  Quickly showered after I woke up and applied the thrombophob gel. 
adjusted brightness to show the bruise.
Honestly, its scary to see the inner thighs especially the left.  Its a whole patch of greyish purple bruise.  I saw the mirror view of the back of my thighs, its even scarier.  I did not take the picture because I was late already.  Its obvious here the swelling is making the thighs possibly same as pre-op or even bigger.  Quickly left the house as soon as I could.
I actually ran after a bus... ok... more like slow jog only a short distance (because inner thighs were quite sore) and brisk walk after a bus.... Could not board because it was too crowded.... WTF...  Rain, please control and not run if you do not want your legs to swell.  I was not the latest, so heng ah~~
Ok.  Shall end this post with pix of my birthday dinner at Ding Tai Feng.... Shall think of how to space out the recovery updates later....
craved for these. these are chicken ones but not very nice, quite bland.

these are pork ones but I was too full so I didn't try.
Thereafter kopi at toast box.  Didn't eat the cake slices aunt ordered.  I refused to.
 -♉- END -♉-


P.s For new patients, its best you get the require meds and post-op wound kits since you would not know how or what you need to recover.

P.P.s I bought the wrong size of Stage 1 compression garment from Rainey (worn usually the first 2 weeks after surgery or as per Dr's advise).  Please refer to "Stuff to Go" if you are interested.


-♉- Stay tuned for recovery updates -♉-

 ::: A month later :::

Quoted From Clinic's Email:

Remember: liposuction is not the answer or solution to your current problem. A change of your lifestyle should be the answer! Liposuction is only a sculpting tool to sculpt your body and get rid of stubborn pockets of fat which are resistant to exercise and diet.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Liposuction in Medan 3: Thighs (Day 4)

Clinic: Elixir De Vie
Doctor: Dr Arthur Tjandra
Country: Medan, Indonesia
Method: Traditional Liposuction under LA

::: Disclaimer:  This is based on my own experience and I paid for the procedures in full :::


8.40am - Interrupted Sleep
Strange.  I slept all the way previously but last night, I woke up at least 3 times in the middle of the night.  I think the better part of it was that I could go back to sleep not long after.  Officially got out of bed at 8am to freshen up.  Since I am heading out of the clinic later, I decided to shampoo my hair.  No problems bending over and squatting to wash my hair.  Miracle leh!  When done, I blow dry my hair with the hair dryer I found in the drawer.
Made myself a cup of redoxon and had my breakfast.  Really regretted ordering it because it was quite oily.  Beehoon goreng was much better.  At least I did not have that gross feeling after having it.

Therefore note to self: Do not order kway teow goreng

P.s I decided to stop all forms of medication including antibiotics from today on because I am already feeling good enough.

11.35am - Getting ready for Sun Plaza
one of the 2 recovery rooms
Currently back in my room after daily massage and wound cleansing.  Since I am due to return home early in the morning tomorrow, I brought along my own water proof plasters for nurse to use instead of using tape.  Much convenient for me if I decide to shower later.  Yes, I have not showered my body since Monday!
Anyway schedule for driver to pick me up at 12pm.  This is the first time I'm exploring Medan (erm if you even called that exploring) as in heading out of the clinic during my stay there.  Back in 2012 & 2013 I was not in the mood to because the recovery was pretty.... not as quick as this time round...
Massage earlier did not hurt a bit leh, maybe just a little sore only but not that unbearable wor.  Nurse was like surprised I was ok since day 2 (not inclusive of grabbing her hand during surgery in day 1) because the patient before me, in the room next door was in so much pain (she did thighs too).
Like I said before, I expected the recovery and pain to be a lot worse than abdomen & arms with killer massages and what not but I swear to God, I think this thigh lipo session was the easiest and a breeze as compared to my other 2 sessions.
What did I do different this time round?  Let me share with you 2 things I did different (for your reference, please understand that different people have different healing abilities).
1. I drank pineapple juice every lunch and dinner
2. I drank redoxon (vit c + zinc) every morning
As for the arnica tablets, I only had them about 3-4 times for this whole trip.  It was only when the swelling and pain was a bit tough to handle on the first night.  No idea if it does this help in anyway.  I also mentioned before because I did not buy recovery medications (apart from antibiotics) my medication intake is quite not consistent.  I self medicate the portion with the panadaol, iron tablets, left over danzens I brought over only as and when I feel necessary.
My wounds (12 incisions) still closed pretty well on the 3rd day with just iodine and tape.  Did not have any infections which I am really glad about.
taken while waiting for driver
Also, I was pretty hungry quickly for the first 2 sessions but this time round, I did not feel that way.  I even had leftover snacks which I did not even touch.  This is weird also.  Ok, I better head downstairs to wait for driver.  Doctor is busy with another patient today.
3.10pm - I'm back from shopping
Underestimated my healing and underestimated the size of the shopping mall.  Did not bring a lot of IDR with me this time round cause I was not sure if I was up to walking in the mall.  Regretted.  Could have bought a lot more stuff and ended with only 4 bags.  I was especially excited when I saw a hypermarket there.  I just love supermarkets wherever I go.
bought at Guardian in Sun Plaza (near to hypermarket) - thanks to another patient for informing me on this
Apart from groceries, I also bought cakes for the nurse and maid (coz its my bday and to thank them), macaroons for myself (replacing bday cake), bibimbap for lunch and Starbucks dark mocha frap (no idea why mine has pudding inside).
The chicken bulgogi bibimbap was quite decent.  It comes with the soup which I poured into the cup.  Not bad eh, its only IDR43,000 (~S$4.41) and the portion quite big some more.

Expenses breakdown for my reference @ 9756:
1) Bibimbap - IDR43,000 (~S$4.41)
2) Groceries - IDR188,125 (~S$19.28)
3) Cakes (2 slices) - IDR80,000 (~S$8.20)
4) Macaroons (6pcs) - IDR72,000 (~S$7.38)
5) Thrombophob Gel 2 tubes - IDR123,700 (~S$12.68)
6) Starbucks Grande Size - IDR49,000 (~S$5.02)

Total: S$56.97

3.40pm - Oblivion DVD

While sorting out and packing, I played another DVD.  I don't get what the movie was about since the starting of this movie I did not pay much attention.  Like who cares la, tom cruise handsome can already *beams*

6pm - Kungfu Master DVD

*rolls eyes* why is it in English?  Don't get the story either, its always constant fighting.  Was there a story plot even?  I thought it would be like Wong Fei Hung movie style.  Lost my attention midway and started to play candy crush and whatsapp my mum in the end.

7pm - Pre-preparation for Dinner
ayam penyet
deboning in process...
Ordered breast meat for ayam penyet but came thigh meat.  Didn't want to trouble the nurse and maid so I made do with it.  Dinner came an hour or 2 earlier thou.  Started to pluck or remove meat from the bones so I could eat it in peace later.  I really hate to use my fingers for such matters during meals that's why most meals I eat are without bones.

8pm - Finally dinner time

Having dinner now.  Actually I was not really that hungry but still ate it anyways.  Don't know if it is because it was cold, it didn't taste as nice.  It was my first ayam penyet ever and maybe I should have just eaten it hot.  I emptied the whole packet of chilli sauce and I am spitting fire now.  Sibeh shioks! its even spicier than the sambal balachan at home.  I got to wait till the burn dies off before continue eating.

However, note to self:  Do not order ayam penyet.

9pm - KDrama
DVDs watched
While putting back the DVDs into the drawer in the living room, I saw Dr who was preparing to leave the house for gym at Sun Plaza.  Still working out so late and after surgery in the day wor, damn fit ah he.... after I was done, I helped myself to another Fuji apple in the kitchen.  I think I ate most of their Fuji apples because the fridge now is filled with pears and oranges =X.
multi use of my tablet =X no problems crossing feet.
no problems kiao ka-ing watching TV
 Cable TV now.  Thankfully there's TVB8 on cable and I won't be so bored.

10.30am - Shower finally

Decide to shower now because I am leaving early at 6am tomorrow morning.  Ah yo, I should have just washed my hair now instead of morning.  Can't shampoo now anyway since I already used up my shampoo.  Clinic did provide la, but don't know if it is suitable for my hair or not so I did not use.

11.25pm - Sleep
recycled pix
Done with shower, brushing teeth and mask.  Shall try to go to bed by 12mn latest.


P.s For new patients, its best you get the require meds and post-op wound kits since you would not know how or what you need to recover.

P.P.s I bought the wrong size of Stage 1 compression garment from Rainey (worn usually the first 2 weeks after surgery or as per Dr's advise).  Please refer to "Stuff to Go" if you are interested.


-♉- Stay tuned for the next update -♉-

Quoted From Clinic's Email:

Remember: liposuction is not the answer or solution to your current problem. A change of your lifestyle should be the answer! Liposuction is only a sculpting tool to sculpt your body and get rid of stubborn pockets of fat which are resistant to exercise and diet.