Friday, 28 August 2015

Anticipating fun weekend

From Korea
From China
My final orders through Qoo10 arrived...

Top one from Korea is a coloring book for adults. Well, I suppose there isn't a problem if children wants to color it. Duh.  Apparently, this 'Secret Garden' coloring book appeared in the Korean drama: Producer starring IU, Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Soo Hyun.

Well, I didn't know about it when I was first attracted to the book so I guess it double confirms my intention to get it after that.  I also ordered a set of 36 color water color pencils.  Both are made in Korea so I am assured of its quality.... i'm just biased....

As for the nanoblocks, it was shipped from Guangzhou, China.  Well, no bubble wrap to protect the boxes so the hulk box was crushed.  Thankfully, contents still intact so not big a deal for me.  Now, I regret not ordering 'Loki' to complete the set of 8 superheroes.

Definitely ordering 'Loki' soon... no idea if I want to go through the same shop thou... It was the cheapest at S$2.99/box (excluding shipping) but it took more than a week to arrive.  Another shop has it about S$3.60-S$4.00+++/box but because it is in Singapore, it should take only a few days to arrive.

Would I want to wait for the blocks to come?

Shall see... i've currently a set of sailormoon characters and Loki in my cart awaiting checkout from local seller... Hahahha~


p.s I just signed myself up as a curator on Qoo10.  Its something like a rewards program where i post my after thoughts/reviews/whatever on the product I purchase.  If someone purchase that item through my recommendation, i will be awarded a small % of commission from the cost of that item which i can cash out/offset for purchase after accumulating it (sorry this part i am not too sure about, didn't read it carefully when i signed up. LOL!).  No idea if it works but no harm trying anyway.

If you guys are interested in what I have bought recently....

Click here and take a look

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Splurging at Work...

Currently, busy period is over in office so I have a lot of free time for random things.

Just today, I created an account with Qoo10 just to get that Nioxin system 6 shampoo and conditioner.

I normally get them from StrawberryNET at but that shop seemed to be gone.  Initially I thought that was the cheapest because previously when I first started using Nioxin, I bought mine at the salon for $40++ for 300ml. I saw the 1 liter version at just $57 or was it $59 which was well 'cheaper' than the salon one based on the price for the 300ml bottle.

Was sulking over on Dayre about this and a reader showed me the link to this shop on Qoo10 that sells the 1 liter bottle @ $38.90 (promotion price). Mind blown.

Then again, I was apprehensive of buying from Qoo10 cause I have not done so before.  Previously it was known as GMarket and I had problems validating my account twice so the experience was not that pleasant. It has been couple of years since.

So anyway, the next day, which is today, I created another account just to buy the shampoo and conditioner.

Mistake! Coz I started buying other random things as well and have spend $226.38 in total bringing my bank account to less than $100 till my next pay day. FML!

Summary of what i bought (after utilizing some coupons)
1. 1 liter Nioxin System 6 Cleanser & Conditioner each
2. 1 bottle Expressions Fat Burner Pills
3. 1 Aztech Soup Maker (blend, pulse, boil, chunky soup etc function)
4. 5 Loz Nanoblock Display Case
5. 1 Water Infuser Bottle

Now, let's see if I receive all my orders....

Update all arrived!:
1. Arrived - 19.08.15
2. Arrived - 21.08.15
3. Arrived - 20.08.15
4. Arrived - 21.08.15 (1 of the 5 boxes has a chipped corner-liaising with seller see if could exchange)
5. Arrived - 20.08.15

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Liposuction in Medan 3: 3 months later

Clinic: Elixir De Vie
Doctor: Dr Arthur Tjandra
Country: Medan, Indonesia
Method: Traditional Liposuction under LA

     1. This is based on my own experience and I paid for the procedures in full
     2. Please note that recovery speed differs with each individual


Week 5 - 6 recovery: 

1) Feels pretty much the same as at week 4 of my previous update in terms of soreness at inner and frontal thighs from prolong sitting cross legged and standing thereafter.  However, the best part is that sore pain is not as intense as before and the recovery to normal was also shorter (less than 2mins) and so it did not bother me a lot.  Also, sometimes there's jabbing pain in my inner right knee (usually its the right knee that happens) when I sat cross legged.

2) Discoloration of both inner thighs is still there.  Strangely, the color differs under different lighting and time of the day? Could be purple grey during shower or pale pink afterwards.  No idea how to describe this in detail.
Tried to take a picture of it with my Note 1.  I did not adjust anything on both pictures but can you tell the difference?  Anyway it will fade away in time so I am not worried.

3) Still wearing my 2XU shorts/tights 24/7 under my work and home attire.

4) Yet to resume my exercise of brisk walking / jogging.  Continued with just leg stretching exercises at night.

5) Can still feel some lumps here and there but not as obvious as last month which meant its breaking up and I hope it disappears soon.

6) Last MLD massage was on 30th May, 2015.  Went for another session of 2hrs full body MLD massage with Healing Touch on the 27th June, 2015.

7) Previously I took pictures of the incision areas.  Even the ones I did not peel off scab ones also became darker (pictures of left knee below).  As for the other peeled ones, its still as dark.  For patients who bought bleaching creams from Dr you can apply to lighten it but I did not so I am letting it fade with time.
(left taken on 23/5/15 (~week 2), right taken on 16/06/15 (~week 5)

8) I did not mention this in the previous update.  My inner knees areas feels a bit numbing or what i describe as fuzzy feeling when touched.  Inner knees in particular feels sore pain when pressed too.  Hope it resolves soon with time.

9) Can no longer stick to carbs once a day.  These days i'm having nasi lemak (rice, ikan billis and sambal chilli) or beehoon (with egg & sausage) for breakfast, egg mayo ciabatta sandwhich for late lunch and dinner is sometimes just biscuits or vegetables.  I try my best to leave out carbs for dinner if possible. Weight by week 6 is at 68.9kg so thank goodness.

10) Still swelling but can see there's improvement as compared to before pictures. The bulge on the left side outer thigh seemed to have shrunk a little. Both thigh regions seemed to have been slightly reduced in size in general.  Inner knee region also seemed to have a tiny gap in between.  Both inner thigh to knee contour seemed to appear more defined.
[09.05.15] 2 days before surgery
[23.06.15] Week 6
 ☁ Week 7 - 8 recovery: 2months

1) Still wearing my 2XU shorts/tights 24/7 under my work and home attire.  Also on 06/07/15 (8th week) I ordered my 3rd pair of 2XU tights, taking into consideration possible wear and tear of the 1st pair bought and worn every night since 2 months ago.

2) Discoloration of both inner thighs is still there.

3) Did not resume my exercise of brisk walking / jogging until 04/07/15 when I went out for a long distance walk because I could not take it any longer.  Everything felt ok thou, no excess swelling.  Well, could not tell anyway, no idea how you differentiate.  Also continued with leg stretching exercises at night.

4) My inner knees still feels a bit numbing or what i describe as fuzzy feeling when touched. Inner knees not as sore as before.

5) In terms of soreness at inner and frontal thighs from prolong sitting cross legged and standing thereafter, it has improved.  Its still there but quite faint by week 7 and I did not feel any jabbing pain in my inner right knee since.  All these problems were gone by week 8. *yeah*

6) Food/water intake and appetite has been quite low lately during weekdays. I could be eating rice with just ikan bilis for breakfast and oreo biscuits for lunch.  Come dinner time, it varies.  Either biscuits only, or sauteed vegetables or 1 bowl serving of carb like pasta. Weekends is also usually 2 meals a day.

7) Weight at week 7 at 68.8kg but come week 8 it was 69.7kg (currently i think its the constipation that added on to the weight)

☁ Week 9 - 10 recovery: 

1) Still wearing my 2XU shorts/tights 24/7 under my work and home attire.  

2) Discoloration of both inner thighs is still there

3) Resume exercised. Starting with brisk walking long distance, actually just once a week about 10km. Did nightly leg stretching too.
no problems doing this yoga post on both sides. edited photo with Google+ photo edit function.
4) My inner knees still feels a bit numbing or what i describe as fuzzy feeling when touched.

5) I believe I am still swelling.  Thou its probably more of the micro swelling.  Inner thighs loose skin is obviously there so I guess the major swelling has gone off.  Not only that, I also observed that come menses period there seem to be some sort of swelling in thighs.  It just look slightly bigger than normal. However, my legs look much better than before in general.  Below an example on my knee view.
ugly knee area at week 4.
taken at 11.07.15, at about week 9

6) Have been cooking in the kitchen again and recently made homemade ice-cream which has high fat content from the whipping cream.  Oh no. So far, weight at week 9 was 69.9kg and about 69kg at week 10.

7) Pictures below were taken close to week 10 without applying any creams.  The one on the left is the incision on the left knee which I did not peel the scabs.  It became darker at week 5 - 6 but at week 10 it seems to have lightened till almost gone.

The one on the right is of the inner right knee, one of the incisions I kept peeling the scabs off.  As you can see, it is also lightening. The ones on my hips over its still dark, lightening at a much slower rate than the knees.
(left knee, right inner knee taken on 17/07/15 (~week 10)
For patients who bought bleaching creams from Dr you can apply to lighten it but I did not so I am letting it fade with time.

8) Cannot feel any lumps already.  So I suppose they kind of dispersed itself.  Awesome, considering the fact I did not go for massages or massage myself regularly.

☁ Week 11 - 12 (03.08.15) recovery: 

1) Still wearing my 2XU shorts/tights 24/7 under my work and home attire.  

2) Discoloration of both inner thighs is still there

3) Been exercising a little. Once a week brisk walking long distance & nightly leg stretches. Tried slow jogging on 31st July when I was in Batam and was doing ok. No problems whatsoever so thinking of resume slow jog/walk 10km instead of just walking 10km.

4) My inner knees still feels a bit numbing or what i describe as fuzzy feeling when touched.

5) Appetite for food fluctuates up and down. Weight at week 11 is 69.2kg and 71kg in week 12. Oh dear, seems I am back to pre-surgery weight. LOL!

6) Wore jeans for the first time since surgery without the 2XU underneath.  I could feel the difference. Before was tight fit and it bulges especially at the crotch area but now, its not as tight.  It is slightly looser but I believe it can be further improved on. 1 session is definitely not enough to tell much difference visually but personally, it can be felt.

Updated on 21/08/15:

Gotten a screen cap from clinic's YouTube account.  Showing a bit of the before and after immediately after surgery.  I cannot embed the video or upload mine because it contains nudity and although its medical videos but you have those idiots who thinks its porn and got all offended.  Spare the religious hypocrisy lor.... Your mind is already twisted to see it other than medical videos....

I have exactly the same video but different angle because the Dr's nurse took with my Note 1 and the maid took with the clinic's camera.  I combined all 4 parts into one and insert commentary on some parts where the Dr got my info wrong.  Its a pity I cannot upload it because I do not have the software to mosaic off the sensitive regions.  I would not want to breach the MDA law on this.  However, the video is the best proof of the results immediately post surgery.  Sigh.

Got to make do with it people, its the best I can do to share my experience.
After left thigh done. About 1.5 litres of fat taken out.
After both thighs done. In total about 2.5 litres of fat taken.

Still waiting for my post-op pictures from Dr.  Didn't want to rush him or anything so did not sent email reminder. LOL~~~! He won't forget ba? Its been 3months+ le... Hopefully by next post I will have more before and after photos.

To be honest, I am starting to save for my 2nd thigh session with him already (no idea when I can reach that target with my current pay).  If my rainey compression is not sold by then, I can bring it over with me.  I should be able to fit into it by then. LOL. Targeting next May on my birthday week again... Will see... after all its only 3months and I have not exercised ALOT to begin with.

P.s I bought the wrong size of Stage 1 compression garment from Rainey (worn usually the first 2 weeks after surgery or as per Dr's advise).  Please refer to "Stuff to Go" if you are interested.


-♉- END -♉-

::: 6 Months Later:::
Quoted From Clinic's Email:

Remember: liposuction is not the answer or solution to your current problem. A change of your lifestyle should be the answer! Liposuction is only a sculpting tool to sculpt your body and get rid of stubborn pockets of fat which are resistant to exercise and diet.