Friday, 24 July 2015

Rain's Kitchen: Milk Chocolate Tiramisu

Over the recent Hari Raya Puasa holiday, I made milk chocolate tiramisu.

It was my first attempt and the recipe was gotten from Cold Storage with credits to both Cold Storage & Jean Charles Dubois, Executive Chef of Balzac Brasserie & Bar.
Cold storage (at leisure park which i frequently shop at) displays recipes by chefs which is available for anyone to take.  They change the variety of recipes from time to time so do check it out if you come across it.  So far, I had seen recipes for soups, pastas, desserts and salads.  They also provide recipes for the festive seasons e.g. Christmas (log cake recipes, meal ideas) and Chinese New Year (various recipes for new year cookies).

I recently found out later that they do post some of the recipes on their website: as well.
Anyway, for this, I did slight modification to the recipe/method.  End result looks quite promising thou it was slightly different from the picture attached.  Not bad la, for the first attempt. Conveniently, all ingredients are found in Cold Storage. =P

updated on 25.07.15
(~makes 7 dessert cups)
250ml low fat milk
20g cocoa powder (used hersey's unsweetened cocoa powder) *
28 ladyfingers (sponge biscuits) **
3 fresh eggs
250g mascarpone cheese
50g fine sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

* set aside some extra cocoa powder for dusting
** uses a lot more if you were to cut them to fit into dessert cups. did not throw unused portions thou, kept it to eat as snack

1. Heat milk in saucepan.  No need to reach boiling point just heat it till its just hot then turn off the fire.  Add in the cocoa powder and mix well.  Set aside to let it cool.

p.s. it taste bitter at this point because of the unsweetened cocoa powder, depending on your preference, you might want to sweetened it with some sugar.

2. This step is optional if you are using square/large containers.  Since I am using the dessert cups, I am cutting the sponge biscuits to fit it.  Made 4 dessert cups before deciding to just use the smallest square plastic container I had at home for the rest (for 1st attempt).
[25.07.15] Cutting it up for 7 dessert cups. Bowl are unused portion. Kept in fridge in tubberware.

3. Separate egg yolks and whites.  In a mixing bowl, whisk the eggs, sugar, vanilla essence and cheese till its well combine.  Texture should be thick and smooth.

p.s. do not empty the cheese directly from the container.  scoop it out instead because i ended up having some 'cheese water' in my mixing bowl.

25.07.15 - 2nd attempt. lesser liquid before mixing, texture thicker

4. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites till it becomes a firm meringue.  Test: Does not fall even if I turn the bowl over.

5. Add the meringue into the cheese mixture and fold it in gently.

p.s. no idea why my resulted in lumpy texture instead of a smooth one (compared to the picture on the recipe).  Perhaps I should have folded it in batches instead of all at once.

p.p.s.s i saw a video on YouTube of Jamie Oliver whisking it in instead of folding so perhaps it makes no diff folding/whisking? which ever way works... this is home cooking not commercial sale...
[25.07.15] Whisk in  a scoop of meringue, fold in rest in batches. seems much smoother.
6. Dip the sponge biscuits into the milk (drip/shake off excess milk) and aligned to bottom of dessert cups/containers.  Add a layer of cheese mixture and repeat for another 2 - 3 layers.  Final layer should be cheese.

p.s. you might want to dust some cocoa powder after the cheese layer in between.  up to your own preference.

25.07.15 - 2nd attempt. dusted cocoa powder in between layers this round. think it looks nicer
[25.07.15] decide to dust final layer cocoa powder before serving.
7.  Because my cheese mixture ends up being a bit watery, I chilled it in the fridge for about 1hr for the top layer cheese to thicken/harden a little before dusting cocoa powder over it.  I prefer to have a really chilled tiramisu so I left it longer in the fridge after dusting the cocoa powder.  Best served chilled. I had 4 dessert cups + 1 small container worth of tiramisu. Estimate about 6 dessert cups worth?

DONE~! and the pic spam begins
(taken with my galaxy note 1: no filter with just normal lighting)

Attempt 2 on 25.07.15
leftover milk. alot less than first attempt after halving the milk portion.
After note (7dessert cups):
Taking note on the amount of leftover milk from the first attempt, i decided to half the milk and cocoa powder portion.  There was still some leftovers but compared to one full cup, it is definitely much lesser.

Also, while folding in the egg whites, i first whisk in 1 spatula worth of meringue and fold in the remaining in 2 or 3 batches.  It seems much better in texture, not as coarse as the first attempt. Towards the end, perhaps due to the tropical heat in Singapore, the cheese mixture start to release water (?).

I think i should put the bowl of cheese mixture in ice bath while assembling it next time to keep the cheese chilled so it doesn't become watery.

Taste wise was about the same as the first attempt but because there was cocoa powder in between layers, it feels more chocolaty.

Attempt 1 on 18.07.15

After note (4 dessert cups + 1 small container):
There was leftover chocolate milk of about 1 cup worth at the end.  Maybe next time round, I can reduce the milk and cocoa powder to avoid wastage.

The chocolate milk was quite bitter because I used unsweetened cocoa powder and the quantity seems a bit too much for the amount of milk used.  That's what I think.

However upon tasting, i realized that the bitterness was unfounded because it was already absorbed into the sponge biscuit and it blends pretty well with the slightly sweetened cheese mixture.  In fact, the sweetness taste just right for me on the overall.  I quite like it actually.

on the 5th day...
Finished the last of my tiramisu on the 5th day and as you can see from the above, it still holds its shape but the texture on the overall is much softer and a bit wet/soggy.  'Fresh' tiramisu taste best that's for sure.

I shall try this recipe one more time before moving on and will update this post with pictures.

Additional info:
1) Raw eggs are used in this recipe and therefore, always keep the tiramisu chilled in the fridge and it is to be consumed as soon as possible.  Perhaps within 3 to 5 days max to avoid any health complications.  I ate my last bit on the 5th day.

2) I found a website with some tips and pointers for your reference.  If you are interested, click Tiramisu 101 by MyLittleDarlings.

3) I realized that assembly has to be quick because my cheese mixture tends to become slightly watery (出水). Perhaps its better to put the bowl of cheese mix into an ice bath to keep it chilled while assembling.

Hope you enjoyed it!