Saturday, 28 February 2015

Dairy of a Noob Gardener (22.01.15 - 14.02.15)

In the previous post, I was left with No.3.  Since 21.01.15, I have not been taking much photos because the plant looks and remains pretty much the same.  Only took photos when I did notice more obvious changes  when there's budding new leaves.
On the 23.01.15, I noticed that the baby leaves are starting to take shape and grow and in a week, there was another sprout coming out in between the 2 baby leaves.  Cannot help but squeal at this survivor. My no.3 sprout! 
I continue to leave it by the window with a little gap for ventilation and water it once in the day and when I get home from work.  I also water it every once in a while before going to bed.  I have been using the spray bottle for quite some time so each time its about 10 squirts.  Which is not a lot so I think its ok for me to water a couple of times in the evening/night.  I do water the surrounding soil area too, not just the plant itself.
Then on the 07.02.15, a miracle happened.  There was another new sprout that came out.  Its more than 1 month ago when I last planted the seeds, what a late surprise!

Everything else remained the same as before, the frequency of watering, the position of the pots nearby the window.  It in fact although there was no direct sunlight, it still grow thou at a slower pace.  Although I was excited of the latest sprout, I was more proud of No.3 who by far is the survivor of the sprouts.
Then the nightmare began on the night of 09.02.15, before bed I notice the plant was bent over from the strong wind that came through the window.  My aunt had opened the window widely and did not shift the pot aside.  I WAS ANGRY AT HER!  I gave up hope for the baby sprout coz from experience, once its bent over, chances of surviving is 0%.  The next morning, as I approached the pot for the morning watering session before work.....

R.I.P No.6.  You came by and left so fast.
10.02.15 - Slightly bent but still surviving. Notice the new leaves sprouting out in the middle again?
Happiness was short-lived.  On the night of the 11th, same thing happened again.  My aunt did not shift the pot aside when she opened the window widely.  To be honest, every night she does that but my No.3 stood strong.  That night, before going to bed, while walking past, I could not see my No.3, so I went over for a closer look and notice it was bent over.
The next morning, before going to work, I watered the pot as usual even knowing the impending death of No.3. Stem in fact seem still strong enough but I know its gone for good.  I began to take a few last shots of No.3 before its shriveled.  Did not care if I was going to be late for work.
12.02.15 - R.I.P No.3. Time of death: 11th Feb 2015, 11pm to 12mn. Cause of death: Stem broke under strong wind.  I will miss you my No.3.  Was excited with more baby leaves coming out of you but my aunt had to shorten your life.  She murdered you.  Go haunt her in her sleep!

12.02.15 - Evening. Already shriveled.
12.02.15 - Evening. No.6's shriveled body.
Finally it came to Valentine's Day, a Saturday.  With a heavy heart, I decided to clear the pots away.  I emptied the pot as well as the abandon white pot outside the house and threw away all the remaining soil and fertilizers.  I decide to swore off gardening until I manage to get my own house and my own gardening space.  I conclude that my aunt's house is not suitable for gardening.
Was angry with her since the night the plant died and ignore her for the next few days.  I broke the ice in Sunday morning by joining her at the wet market for grocery shopping.  I was still angry at the loss coz I took so much time and effort caring for the plant and it died because of my aunt. 
my mum seems to be gloating.... hmmph...
Thinking back, maybe I should have added support branches for No.3 so even though there was strong wind, at least it was secured to a stick and would not have snapped?  Sigh.  But on a slightly happier note......
Updates from my mum's side....
My mum send me these 2 pictures on the 28.01.15 which is a week ago from the previous update.  Looks fine.  However, my mum notices that the leaves are slowly turning a bit lighter to yellowish green and not as dark a green as before
Then on the 18/02/15, when I went back home for reunion dinner before the lunar new year, I finally saw the plants in person and took a couple of photos.  It was actually still going strong and not as yellowy green my mum claimed.  So far, I did not notice any flower buds but a lot of leave buds that are going to grow out.
The problem now is that the plant has outgrown the support and it is impossible to remove and replace with a longer support as its intertwined around it.  The top part is left dangling up quite worrisome that it may snap since its opened air and the flat is nearby East Coast Park with the strong sea breeze.
this alone in the pot was the only one sprout that grew from the seeds I gave her.
proved that my mum has the green finger...envy much...
Well, her plants will keep growing.  She has since fixed disposable chop sticks to extend the support but I have no idea how long this extension is going to continue.  Something has to be done thou to properly secure it.  But how? Hope she figures it out.



Friday, 27 February 2015


书中印象深刻的文字、诗句、情感 等等。。。
青青河邊草(1992 作品) 






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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Experience with Hydrafacial & Botox V-Lift @ Freia Medical

taken from their facebook page.
"Freia" has its roots in Nordic mythology, Freia was the goddess of love and beauty. We believe in first being professional and well-trained in our area of expertise. We use only advanced, safe and effective technology. "
Recently I have been having breakouts every now and then, more frequent than I could ever imagine especially around my menses.  I do not apply makeup and neither do I frequently go for facial treatments.  My skincare is basically just cleanse, tone and if I feel like it I apply a mask sheet.  Sometimes when I get too lazy, I would actually skip cleansing and just wash with water and that's it.

Its not surprising that I had oily skin and blocked pores with blackheads all over which biore pack cannot help.

I came to know of Freia Medical by reading blogger's reviews for their Botox V-Lift treatment.  So I checked out their website and saw that they have facial for acne treatment.  Decided to give it a shot and called to make an appointment at the very last minute after work on Friday evening (30.01.15).


I was lucky to be able to get a spot on Saturday (31.01.15) as it is always fully booked for facial treatments.  Although my primary concern was acne, I also want to consult for Botox and Fillers.  So, the next morning, I arrived about 10-15mins before my scheduled appointment at 11am as suggested by the lady over the phone to fill up relevant forms due to the back to back facial appointments that day.  Waited quite a while before it was my turn for doctor's consultation which I requested for as he was busy.
When it was my turn, I was brought in to the doctor's room and left alone with the doctor.  Doctor was really friendly and patient while we went through my concern areas on the pimples.  Then, I went on to ask about the Botox V-lift because I did not get really obvious results previously from another clinic.  He explain in detail what their Botox V-lift is about and how it was different from the normal jaw slimming.  I also enquired on the price of the fillers for nose and chin.

I was still apprehensive of the Botox pricing so I told the Doctor to confirm the facial first.  He said ok and did some notes on my profile.  He did not comment or pressurised me into taking up the Botox or Fillers. After punching some figures on the calculator and while he was still writing on my profile...

Me: "Add in the Botox V-lift as well"
Dr. Ma: "Alright. Thank you.  Good news is we can do the Botox V-Lift together as well". 

He left the room to make some arrangement and shortly after, the lady (who is also my facial therapist) came in and brought me to another room for photo-taking.  When done, we went to another room to proceed with the facial.
wall of certificates in the photo taking room
took a selfie first when the lady went out to get the camera
The therapist would explain to me what she was about to do before starting each step of the facial.  She was very friendly and I do not recall her mentioning anything about signing up for packages.  The facial process was enjoyable and comfortable with exception for the extractions.

Facial extractions usually will hurt a bit.  I did tear a bit from the reflex action at extraction around my nose and under eye area.  She was a bit worried and ask me from time to time if it was too painful.  Pain was tolerable for me la, the tears was a reflex action like how I would start to sneeze when extracting from the forehead/eyebrow areas.  On scale of 10, pain factor was 5 or 6. 

I quite like the 'Hydra' part of the facial.  It is a machine-assisted apparatus used to glide all over the face.  It acts as a suction device to suck out impurities and at the same time inject "hydrating skin solutions and potent antioxidants" onto the skin surface.  As the therapist move the device around, she will spread the solutions over the face by messaging in circular motion to foster faster skin absorption which is said to "nourish and protect the skin". 

There seem to be 3 different power levels of this device as I counted the flicking of the switches and the number of times the machine restarted.

If I remember correctly, the facial has about 6 parts to it:
cleanse, scrub, steaming, extraction, hydra machine, mask

The numbing cream for Botox was applied from the chin all the way up to the ear area (below the temple) on both sides of the face after putting on the collagen mask sheet.  After 15mins or so, the mask was removed first.  The numbing cream was kept on until later because Dr. Ma was busy with other patients.
feels like hotel blanket. thick and cosy in the air-con room.
The therapist gave me a head massage shortly after removing the mask.  After it, I basically spend the next 10-15mins under the cosy thick blanket waiting for the doctor.  Before the doctor came in, the lady helped to remove the numbing cream.
When the doctor was ready, he proceeded with the jaws first by asking me to bite down hard and relax as he feel and inject along both sides of the jaw and then my chin thereafter.  The V-lift part was next which are micro injections around the ear area on both sides for the lifting effect.  This technique was thought of by Dr. Ma who told me himself.
huge Botox display bottle by the counter
Honestly, I did not feel any pain during the Botox session.  Maybe just a tingling sensation at parts where the numbing effect was wearing off.  On a scale of 10, pain factor was probably just 2 or 3.  My pain tolerance is quite high so it may differ with you.  Everything seems ok except for the mess in my hair from the head massage during facial.


Cost Breakdown:

Hydrafacial - S$260/session (45mins to 1hr)
Acne cream - S$20/10ml
Botox V-Lift - S$799 (original was S$999 but if you quote the relevant blogger's name you can get reduced priced.  As for who, I won't tell you. For you to find out yourself. Definitely not me)

Total: S$1,079.00 (inclusive GST)

As for doctor's consultation of S$90.00, it was waived because I did both procedures on the spot. 

After Thoughts:

When I first step into the clinic, I was pretty nervous as this is my first time doing facial in an aesthetic clinic.  No idea if its the same as normal facial or different or if I am doing the Botox V-Lift there and then.  Ultimately, I decided to do both that day.  Decision just happened naturally, under no pressure or hard-sell. 
The clinic was situated in a unit of an office tower, next to Wisma Atria in Orchard.  Not difficult to locate.  Interior of clinic is similar to most aesthetic clinics.  Products and leaflets were displayed on shelves, tea table have magazines displayed across, a flat screen TV on display and also a small water dispenser for a quick sip while waiting.

The people there including staffs and doctor were friendly.  I feel quite at ease actually.  Most importantly, the doctor was patient while listening to what I have to say and explaining to me what I should know.  He also did not bad mouth or comment much when another doctor's name was brought up on another treatment he provided as well.  I liked that because there would be doctors out there who bad mouth others because of competition in the aesthetic business.

I was not once pressurized or edged on into doing more treatments and neither was I made to make multiple payments (bad experience at another clinic) although they did made a small mistake by leaving out the facial cost while totalling up the amount I need to pay at the very end.  I could walk away secretly but I did not.  Informed them about the mistake and they re-quoted my final payment which I paid for all at once.  The end cost was in fact lower than my estimation due to the waiver of consultation fees and that all prices which I was quoted already included GST.

Comparing with my previous encounter at another clinic with a shocking bill total (prices quoted was before GST and consultation fees not waived) and careless oversight of the staff there resulting in me having to make payment 4 times, I was actually feeling good when it came to making the payment at Freia.

It could be a genuine careless mistake then but it sure did not leave a good first impression on me.  I recall leaving the previous clinic in a rather unhappy mood but for Freia, it was quite different.  I actually felt quite at home in the clinic and the overall atmosphere in the clinic was just pleasant and did not have the mercenary focus vibe.  I was even asked if I needed a receipt upon making a payment and was handed an envelope with the receipt inside after I returned from the washroom.  Quite professionally done in a way.  I was in fact in a very good mood when I left the clinic.

However, later in the evening I started to notice a slight bruise on my chin where the injection was.  It became obvious the next day and it slowly disappeared over the next few days.  Rest of the injection sites seems to be doing ok thou. 

few hours after botox
3 days later. fading off.
Just so you know, bruising may or may not occur after Botox injection depending on each individual.

Also, during the facial treatment, I was informed that there may be breakouts after the facial but it will subside pretty quickly.  I did have just only a pimple by the nose which went off in about 2 days or so with the help of the acne cream.  However, it may or may not differ with each individual.  As for the acne cream, I stop applying after about a week or so because I find that it dries my skin especially around the nasolabial fold area.
left is before, right is after on 11.02.15
As for the Botox results, above picture on the right was taken on 11.02.15. I cannot really tell the difference yet from the front in picture, but when in front of the mirror, at the 45 degree angle, I noticed that the jaw area is much toned.  The pictures I took with my Samsung Galaxy Note 1 really does not justify the results I seen in front of the mirror much.  Dr Ma has warned me before hand that the results varies with each individual.  Some may have very obvious changes but some may not.  I guess I belong to the latter group.

Other than that, my face feels relatively clean and hydrated over the next couple of days.  The scarring on my pimple seems to have faded a little.
Review for 2nd session of Botox is in 2-3months time (to prolong the results longer) and I am considering the option of going back for another session as for signing up for the facial package, that we shall see in the future, coz although I like the facial, it was a bit steep for me.


They offer not only treatments for the face but body and hairloss treatments as well.  If you are interested to know more of their other services and/or products, refer to the following details....

Address: 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria Office Tower, #19-03 Singapore 238877
Tel: +65 6735-8180
Opening Hours (By appointment only): 
Mon, Wed, Thurs: 10am - 7pm
Tue & Fri: 10am - 9pm
Sat: 10am - 3pm
Sun & Public Holidays closed
Email Enquiry: