Friday, 19 September 2014


Among all the sad news of death, war, terrorism I read in news about the world everyday, yesterday was one of the worst. Ok, first thing first, it is not as serious relating to life, death, war and terrorism per se...

Its more of a personal feeling at that point in time....

Personally went down to an electronic stall near my place and was told that this cobalt blue colour is hard to find in Singapore because it is discontinued.  Felt a lightning bolt behind my back when I heard it and it was to me at that point in time, the most depressing news of the day.

For real, is it really discontinued?

It is still available in the States and places like Australia and New Zealand so why is it discontinued for Singapore? Such a beautiful colour!!!

Sorry but the other colours of this Kitchen Aid mixer did not catch my attention and I was seriously upset yesterday when I left the shop. 

I am not giving up just yet though.  I am going down to this warehouse sale later at noon to see if they have it and if they don't, I am going to another shop in Geylang before deciding to call it quits for TODAY.  May just go town to CK Tangs or so on Saturday as last resort.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

15015th view

Have been stoning at work recently.

Not because I was 'eating snake' (to our western friends, 'eating snake' is our lingo with the same meaning as skiving) but I was left with nothing much on hands to do.  It is the off peak season of the month for now so it was pretty normal.

Right now, I am fighting the urge to take days off work just because I was bored with nothing to do.  No, I am not wasting my leaves just like that.... *stones*

Gotten word that my boss will be on leave for more than a week starting next week.  All the more happier but a bit worrisome as I may need her approval on the payment vouchers and what not.  Have already issued all the cheques needed till month end which is now on her table waiting to be signed.  She's on leave tomorrow so hopefully she signs it before work ends.

Anyway, it was known in my circle that I am saving money for an oven and kitchenaid stand mixer at the moment, on top of other things like plastic surgery, Batam spas and other random stuff.

Was told that my mum bought over a Sharp oven from her tenant with the fridge at S$500.00 .  That's quite a freaking good deal if you ask me.  However, I am more interested in the oven.  My mum bought it over cause she knew I wanted an oven to reignite my love for baking and an avenue for relieving my stress.

It just so happens that one of the oven I had in mind was also from Sharp so my hopes were pretty high when she told me the tenant's oven was also of the same brand and relatively new.  It also bakes, grills and microwaves.
Omg. Could it be this model?  Can't wait for my mum to bring it over to my aunt's place.  I may just take 1/2 a day or a day off work to play with the 'new' toy.  For one, I owe molten lava cake to a bff of mine and its been years but I have a peeve which is using 2nd hand products.  I just hope it does not irk me that much when I see it.

Then again, if its exactly the same brand I was thinking of, I doubt I would be irked cause this brand new oven cost about S$999 at an electronic shop I saw.  On a brighter note, I could think of a lot of dishes to make with the oven like baked rice, baked or grill seafood/meat, cakes, cookies, desserts, pastries.

Possibilities endless.  Number in weight gain potentially dangerous.

I may just get the cake mixer once I get my pay at month end.  Already have a model in mind but its just the mixer's colour that is not.  Well, for the model I wanted, it seems cobalt/electric blue is not available. I hardly see it available on websites, unless I get it from Kitchenaid directly.

That would be very expensive thou.  I may just get one from the mall which surprisingly was much cheaper. Say eg. kitchenaid website S$999, in the malls it was about S$799 with free gift (kenwood ice-cream maker).  Logical thinking calls for the one in the mall right?

I just have to settle for a back up colour if the blue I wanted is not available.  Now, which colour should I look for? sigh~

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Chef Rain: Onde Onde (1) - orange

Continuing my love for Malay kuehs, this has got to be my next favorite.  It is onde-onde as I have known it.  This is not the first time I made it.  I actually attempted it last week (didn't post it thou) but if was of a different recipe and a different color. 

Although it was edible but it was not a success as I believe a good onde-onde primarily has to have the gula melaka filling melted.  The skin should not be too thick either and preferably comes in a one bite size.  It should be eaten whole as the melted syrup within will burst out with the first bite, creating quite a mess.
Depending on the regions in where it was from, it could be prepared differently.  From what I understand that in Indonesia, this is known as Klepon.  Although klepon is onde onde but in Indonesia onde onde is a deep fried snack which is the Chinese 'sesame ball' or 'Jin Deui'. 
I will just call this onde onde as it is known in Singapore.  My idea of onde-onde should be just like the one I did today.  The recipe was from Jessie and I made a slight adjustment to it.

(makes 26 pieces)

160g of mashed sweet potato
150g glutinous rice flour
12g fine sugar
95g of ice water

95g gula melaka (palm sugar)

120g grated coconut
1/4 tsp salt
1 knotted pandan leaf  (screwpine leaf)

1. Chop the gula melaka into small pieces and blitz it into fine breadcrumbs.  Make sure the food processor is dry before using and do not over blitz it as the sugar will melt and it becomes wet and lumpy not breadcrumbs.

2. Wash the sweet potato and steamed till its cooked.  Test: by poking it through the middle with a knife or fork.  If it can be easily poked and removed, it is done.
3. Remove the sweet potatoes from the steamer.  Mix salt with the grated coconut and steam it with pandan leaf for about 10-15mins.  Turn off the stove and leave it in the steamer to keep warm while preparing the dough.

4.  Let the sweet potato run under the tap water to cool it.  Remove the skin and the black pits and finely mash it.  You would not want sweet potato bits later on.

5. Add sugar and flour onto the mashed potato.  With clean hands, mix it well by rubbing the mashed potatoes and flour with your fingertips like you would with short crust pastry.  Do it till it resembles fine breadcrumbs.

6. Add in half the cold water first and combine well.  It looks discouraging but press on.  Gradually add in the remaining water and knead well till it forms a soft, workable and yet not sticky dough. (depending on the dough texture, you may need less or more water.  do not be impulsive and add in too much. best bit by bit)

7.  Prepare 2 wet kitchen towels. 1 to cover the dough while you prepare the smaller balls and the other to cover the tray of those already done.  Also, prepare tray lined with parchment paper (think its better than flour but its up to you).

8.  Take about 15g of dough and roll it into a ball in between palms.  Flatten it and  shape it into a small cup like shape and add in just a small amount of gula melaka and gradually pat it in with more to remove air spaces in between.  Carefully seal it and roll to make it round.(the onde onde balls will expand when cooking later so avoid making it too thinly as it could tear and the sugar will leak out).

Also tried this method by pinching it in the middle first then down to the bottom and up.  Then gently shape into a ball with fingertips and then roll it to smoothen it round.  Repeat till dough is finished.
the bottom 2 on the left are the ugly ones with emergency patch up with dough as I tore the skin by accident.

left over gula melaka
9. Prepare a pot of boiling water.  Boil batch by batch to avoid overcrowding in pot so that it cooks evenly.  When it floats, it is ready but if you want to make sure that the sugar is melted even more inside then leave it to boil slightly longer.

Prepare a bowl of ice water on standby by the stove.  Strain and remove the balls and give it a cold water bath.

10. Strain and remove the balls and place them into the bowl with grated coconut.  Toss gently by either shaking the bowl or with help of a spoon to coat it evenly.

DONE~! and the pic spam begins
(taken with my galaxy note 1: no filter with just natural lighting)

Towards the end, the grated coconut was a bit wet probably due to the moisture from the first few batch. 

Pretty happy with the result of this onde onde.  The skin was soft and the sugar inside melted.  You have to eat this whole to avoid the syrup dripping all over.  Anyway, based on the amount of ingredients I had, there was some balance of gula melaka and that there was not enough grated coconut for the last 2 onde onde balls.  Hence I did some adjustments thereafter to the recipe.  Was glad my mum, aunts and relatives loved it.  I am trying this with purple sweet potato tomorrow.  Will updated with pictures soon.
14.09.14 - With purple sweet potatoes.
Steps were the same... just that for the sweet potatoes the amount of water to make the dough was more than the ones i did yesterday.  I will try it again next week for the last time and I will move on from there.  I just hope I don't have a phobia of ondeh ondeh like I did with my hargaos.  Ate too many within a short period of time.  I will update a brand new post for the purple version then and transfer the this portion over.  For now, i will just leave it here.


 Hope you enjoyed it! 
Info: Onde-onde