Monday, 24 November 2014

Crossing the 20,000 view mark...

Just realised that I have crossed the 20,000 view mark.

Thank you to all who stop by my blog.  Be it with a motive (looking for information on certain experiences) or purely for leisure, I hope it is of some help one way or another. 

This is not a professional blogger's blog whereby I was paid to do advertisements or was sponsored for the services/product I use (would indicate if otherwise) and you also would not find fancy photos taken by really atas (professional) camera or photoshopped pictures (no idea how to anyway) except tweaking with brightness and contrast with windows photo editing software or just the filters on Instagram.

This is an avenue where I share my experiences, recipes and rant on the daily moments of my life.  I would say I know not much of packaging and flattery using bombastic words and neither do I write like I was a scholar (you get the idea) but I do try to make it understandable for most people.

looks forward to 30,000 view now....

Hope you all had fun reading~~~


As December is approaching, you know... Its Christmas month... the season of giving....

Instead of spending excessively on lavish gifts for your friends or family, perhaps it would be good to set aside some for the needy, be it donations in cash and/or kind (if your finances allows it) to the charities of your choice or through simple acts like blood donations (if your body allows for it).

What goes around, usually comes back around in a full circle.  Extend help when you can because when time comes if you need help, you would hope that someone lends a helping hand to help tide through difficult times.  Get what I'm saying? 将心比心。。。。

Friday, 21 November 2014

I'm from CHIJ Katong Convent (1)

Once a KC-ian, always a KC-ian
Many things going on recently... but I guess the one that takes the most emotional toll on me is that my alma mater is closing for renovation (school temporary resumes at Geylang Lane) and with that, the bookshop owners whom KC girls fondly known as Mr. & Mrs. Lim (or Auntie Shirley, Auntie Lim, Uncle Lim) will be retiring (and so were the drink stall uncle & auntie).

The bookshop itself have tremendous amount of inventory to clear and especially arts & craft supplies (and other random bits and pieces here and there) because the new vendor is not keen to take them over only accepting those with the school logos. 

So, earlier last week, after a notice put up by one of the seniors on our FB group page seeking help to buy and clear some of the inventory, many responded.  Its really heart warming to see seniors & juniors of all batches coming together and lend a helping hand either by purchasing or spreading the word around.  Although we are not blood related but the common bond of being a KC-ian and the attachment to Mr. & Mrs. Lim's bookshop held us all together.

I too, spend quite a fair bit on art supplies.  Not for myself since I'm not artistically inclined but with the intention of donating it to children homes and apparently, I was not the only one with this intention too.  I read in the page that 1 had donated some to a nursery school and 1 private buyer who bought up everything thing that was left behind to donate it to the Salvation Army (transportation was sponsored by another KC-ian).

However, we were later told that the owners did not pack everything to be sent away after one of the senior went back to school to 'spot check'.  We all kind of suspected that they find it really hard to let go of everything after being close to 50yrs with the school.  Yes, 50 years.  They were with us since 1969 and back then, KC was not at Marine Terrace even.

If I who graduated 14yrs ago feel this sad for the closure, I can only imagine it must have felt 10x, 100x, 1000x much worse for them.  The hardship they first faced when setting up the shop (no money to buy inventory), the warmth, love and assistance received from the Sisters who helped them esp. when Mrs. Lim was pregnant, all 3 of her daughters attended KC and grew up as a KC-ian. 

All those memories remained vividly in her mind as she share with those who return for a visit.  One can sense the pride she has for the school and the girls.  As she always say "KC girls are the best!"

A very warm, cheerful and vocal lady who treat all KC girls young or old like her own daughter/grandchildren (uncle was more reserved and most of us will remember that uncle is always getting a scolding from auntie).  Not really a wise business woman thou because she simply refuses to overcharge the students.  She feels bad having the students spend too much at her shop and kept the price to a minimum earning little profit.

A senior shared with us in the FB page that they did not make any profit the last few years due to change in buying patterns of the students and pressure from big bookshop chains but they hung on to the shop because of the love for the school and the students.  Quoting an example, for a pen that sells $2+ elsewhere, she only sold it at $1.20 to us.

Even now, as an adult, with the ability to earn a living buying up supplies the last week in 3 separate trips, each time she would frown at me and say she feels bad that I am spending so much but each time I would reply to her, its ok I am donating to children home.  She will always hugged in appreciation and said "God Bless You Dear". 

In fact, what I am doing now is not even enough to thank her.  Thank her for the love she has for all of us, thank her for the advice the previous week I was there.  I actually even feel bad for not being able to spend more money to help her clear her stock.

When I first went back to school for a walk and picture taking a week prior to the purchase of supplies, I was actually apprehensive of approaching them.  My mind tells me that it will be awkward since I was not sociable and I cannot hold a decent conversation with people whom I have not seen for so long but after hesitating for awhile in front of the bookshop, memories came flooding back.

I did approached them in the end with a 'Hi' and then my worries are unfounded.  Mrs. Lim took the time to talk to me, ask how my live was, what I was doing, if I was happy, how's my mum.  She was the one who talks most of time as she can sense that I was a very shy and quiet person.  She mention that I was like her younger daughter whose also a very quiet person.

During that short session, she has advised me, console me, sayang me like her grandchild.  I almost forgot my roots.  I almost forgot what KC spirit is until I spoke with Mrs. Lim. 

She reminded me that I was a KC girl and KC girls never give up with the can do, dare to do & never give up spirit.  They try and they try until they succeed.  I cried that day, in front of her. I will always remember her words "Don't forget you are from KC, KC girls never give up and plus you got your mum's DNA. DNA won't lie"

To be honest, since that visit, I have honestly see things in a much positive mindset.  More often then I previously would.  Up till today, I did not frown or fret at work (apart from stressing that I was bored with nothing to do and yet I have to go to work and not waste my leave), I was more open to things and people around me (still have to work on being more tolerant of others), more obliging to helping my aunts especially.

If in the past I was 20% happy, I am at least 60% and counting.  Possibly.  Its like something in me just click after that day.

I am glad that I studied in KC and I believe it's with God's blessing that he has made us cross path with Mr. & Mrs. Lim.  Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Lim.  Thank you God.
Once a KC-ian, always a KC-ian

P.s. They will be a garage sale at Mrs. Lim's house for the remaining art supplies.  Not sure if it will be on time before my donations are sent to the Children's Home but if its after, I will just buy for myself since there are times when I am in my artistic mood. HAHA! thou rarely... *hoarder mode: my weakness are colored papers and marker pens*

Thursday, 20 November 2014

心情此刻无比忧。--- rainote 20/11/14