Thursday, 24 November 2016

Cruising on Superstar Gemini

Previously i mentioned that i won first prize in a lucky draw with DMC AP in Oct 2016 as part of their 270th Anniversary celebration.  It was a pair of cruise tickets of which I decided to bring my older aunt along.  Trip was from 11th Nov to 13th Nov 2016.  There were craft lessons which I am entitled to on board but I did not join it in the end. =X

Below are the pictures I have taken.

Although my cabin was in the lowest deck, it was not bad at all.  My aunt and I love how cozy it is and in fact, it was larger than some of the rooms we passed by.  We were at the first room all the way at the end which meant that we were away from most of the crowd near the lift lobbies so it was absolute peace and quiet.

Food on board was quite delicious actually.  There were plenty of restaurants to choose from. Many activities on board but I didn't join any.  Brought my own cross-stitch along to do instead.  Plus, I really love the ocean and the scenery while strolling on deck was just so mesmerizing.

Not bad for a relaxing 2D1N trip.

Thank you DMC Asia Pacific !